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  • Getting to know other religion

    I agree with @fcuco that it would be a deficiency in faith if we research or even like other aspects of a religion different from our own. For me, I just like knowing what make things and people tick. I like to understand the motivation behind how people think and behave. It really does not mean it will erode my beliefs and cause me to change.
  • Videos against Catholicism.

    I also think it is fair to say that every religion has its own set of people not in favor of the teachings and practices. Even though Roman Catholic detractors are ever present it is good to know how resilient the church is. It does not seem to be bothered at all by anything bad being said. That must count for something good.
  • What Makes Jesus Different than Any of Us?

    @rabst I truly love your point that even Jesus said he wasn't different from any of us. I think what made him different was that he was proof that we got the concept of divinity wrong. We were taught many things that were not true and only for the reason of controlling the masses. We were taught to pray up, but god is all around us. We were taught not to ask God and pastors certain questions, but God really wants us to have conversation and communion with him. Jesus was different because he showed that divinity is not meant to be exalted from a holy distant. Instead, it should be embraced and held close in the true, loving relationship God wants.
  • Jesus Christ is a Lie! Trying to come to terms

    rw0908 asked a fair question, based on HIS research. I don't think it was his aim to derail anyone from Christianity. I grew up Christian and I find that we are too easily offended when people say things against our religion. I don't think Jesus would have been as harsh to this question and refer him to revelation. There are questions we can ask, and even to the Father himself when man fails with an answer. God never distanced himself from us in the first place. I've never seen God nor Jesus, but my belief is borne out of my faith, which is very solid. Many things have happened in my life which have proved that God exists. The teachings of Jesus are solid and non-confrontational. That was his main purpose when he walked this land. Whether rw0908 gets to this truth will be between him and God. Our only duty is to pray and bless him. If he rejects it, let God do his work. The very research he is doing now, can open his heart to greater things later.