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  • I really wouldn't interfere if ever my son (if I have one) would want to become a priest, it's a calling that I would support. I don't want any children anyway, so it really wouldn't affect me at all if that's his decision.
  • Well, is Jesus a Lord? I guess it is more apt than calling him a "king" or a "prince", since in my opinion, those two titles are a lot lesser in rank compared to "Lord".
  • You are actually born with certain strengths and weaknesses, and even talents that will dictate your destiny. You are "scheduled" to live out certain events, while some are just meant to be experienced as an "option", and that is free will.
  • I interpreted your post as coping with the desire to kill. Is it? I really wouldn't be bothered with the existence of others unless they are pestering me, harming me or they want me dead. I wouldn't really want to kill them, I just wish to be remove…
  • Well I think there's nothing wrong in praying for a country, it is beneficial and an act of good deed, so I don't think the devil will benefit from praying for a country to be safe.
  • Yes, when I was still studying, our school which happens to be a Catholic school would have Mass during Ash Wednesday. At home though we don't practice it.
  • I know you have to pay to watch Netflix, so since I currently have no Netflix subscription, I would just wait for it on Youtube.
  • There will only be one last judgement and I believe it is happening right now with Covid-19 not going away and even having more new strains. I think it is a preparation for people for the new heavens and new Earth, and when it goes away, evil is gon…
  • Well I think that the spiritual warfare has been going on for quite some time now, ever since evil existed when God started creating spirits and the solar system. It is an ongoing battle until the new heavens and new Earth finally happen.
  • Yes, I believe that yoga is an acceptable form of practice for people of all religions, not just Christians. I think it's just a general way of increasing focus and concentration with religion incorporated in it.
    in Yoga Comment by sliara July 3
  • I read that religious hats symbolise modesty and their commitment to God and their beliefs, like a testament to their faith.
  • I think that the afterlife that exists is very surreal and everything that we could ask for would be able to come true, because with the Lord, everything is possible.
  • Good thing that he's very supportive of gay marriages, it really doesn't matter which gender the other person belongs to when it comes to choosing a partner, what matters is that you love each other.
  • I really believe in the concept of karma. It would be highly unfair if someone did something wrong to you and they did not receive the punishment they deserve. Bad and mean behavior should always be punished and good behavior should be rewarded acco…
    in Law of Karma Comment by sliara June 30
  • Well if I were you I really wouldn't mind them, I think that if they mention religion too much it's either they are very devout, or from my experience, pretending to be devout colors of Lord and are hiding their true followers.
  • I haven't really monitored or noticed the performance of both popes, so I couldn't give an opinion regarding that, but I think both have done a good job, since no one really wants them to step down because of inefficiency.
  • I would have to agree that it's highly unfair that children would be denied baptism because of the simple fact that their parents are not married. It's an unjustified bias in my opinion.
  • I think that there is nothing wrong in getting to know a new religion, it just makes you more aware of the other people's religion. They may try to convert, but it depends on the person if they would want to be converted.
  • I'm a firm believer of that stance, an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, because it would be unfair if the perpetrator would be punished less that what is deserved and done. So I also apply that stance to my everyday living.
  • I think that you just need to pray fervently to any spiritual being and it will be granted when it's justified. I don't think a novena is any different from a simple prayer.
  • I think the church is just busy improving the facilities and amenities of the church and it's employees that's why street children are being neglected. I think when it comes to helping street children, it is the government that should step in.
  • Yes, it is a valid ending to one's life because why would you prolong a person's suffering when you can help them end it in a way that they would just fall asleep and not wake up anymore, isn't it right? And I think that is the most morally right th…
    in On Euthanasia Comment by sliara June 22
  • I think that it's up to the parents to teach their children the kind of religion they want their kids to be raised in. Usually they do this by enrolling the kid in a Catholic school for example, so that the kid would be exposed to it.
  • Yes, I really believe in angels and their existence, they were made to protect humans and guard them from harm. I heard that if you are manly, your angel would be a male, and if you are effeminate, your angel would be a female, regardless of the hum…
  • I don't know, he doesn't want them to become priests though, but I think it's nothing but gender segregation, so if the church will be more open towards women priests practicing, then it would be a breath of fresh air and a welcome change in the sys…
  • Well, I would just leave it at that, and not bother to start an argument, because I know that criticism will never amount to anything useful, so it's useless to fight for what I believe in.
  • I really don't know why people keep on hating public figures like the pope, he is just there to do his job. There will always be people hating on other religions, which I think is unjustified.
  • Jesus Christ seems real, he's too popular to become fake. I think the stories in the Bible are true though. And I don't think that his existence and suffering were fake, I believe all of them and his teachings.