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Modernization is rendering religion obsolete

A rich businessman once said that modernization will render obsolete the religions that we have now particularly the Christians. He cited some Bible verses that have become moot and academic like the image of living creatures that should not be created by man. The camera is a ubiquitous gadget and even the Pope takes a selfie at times. With the traditional Holy Week, it is also getting out of fashion since people now flock to beach resorts and vacation places instead of observing Holy Week with prayers in churches. And another tradition is the attire in going to chuch, the veil for the woman are missing now.


  • I don't think modernization is rendering religion obsolete. In fact, it is in these strange and fast times that we really need faith to guide us. Even though there are many adaptations that may have happened, but those have not changed the values that the Bible teaches us and I don't think it ever will.
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    Maybe not obsolete, but more far removed. It is harder to connect with our spiritual need to be alone in God's presence, when we are surrounded with all the noise and confusion of the modern world. But I think that is why they say God gave the earthly world to satan, and he is doing with it as he pleases, and all these distractions make us forget about our need for God and instead think perhaps we just need another gadget or a vacation. 
  • Yeah. It certainly is difficult to connect with God with all the innumerable traps that have been laid for us in this world. Also, there is a constant attack on faith in the world now. The more that atheism grows or gets voice, the more people's faiths shake. I have absolute faith, but not everyone is like me I am sure.
  • I think that instead of letting modernisation hinder our religious growth, we should let it be a way of helping us know more about our faith. To be honest, I think technology itself is a wonderful invention and so is the internet. It lets us gain more knowledge especially about the history of our own religion. It lets us get closer to God if we use it correctly. That being said, it can also hinder our growth in religion if used in the wrong way. However, it's up to us to use it correctly and make it a part of our way of discovering God and His teachings.
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    The things that you cite appear to be more related to superstitions, not actual religion. The Bible, specially the New Testament, is more of a collection of stories told using metaphors. Technology certainly changes the world, but the core ideas of the Bible are universal, even if we as a society get rid of money, the parables that use golden coins are going to sound a little outdated, but the core message is the same.
  • Well I think that a lot of people are thinking like this.  Personally I would not be ready to go so far as to say obsolete, but it is making it more difficult for churches to reach out, I would say.  They have to compete against a lot more now, and they were already falling behind.  Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
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    The attire and attitude are all just superficial side of our faith and there is nothing wrong with dispensing with old traditions if these are no longer practical. Everything that we need to know about salvation and our faith is written in the bible. God prohibited images because hard headed and hard hearted people in the olden times worshipped these images over God and we know that God is a jealous God. I don't think that religion, specially Christianity, will be obsolete anytime.
  • I don't think it is making religion obsolete.  Religion is for the spirit, and answering some of the more personal questions that science can't answer and the problems that technology can't fix.  Change does not equal being obsolete.  If you look at the change from the Old Testament style of worship, to the style of the early Christians, and how worship took place in the Middle Ages when the Church was the absolute power, yes, it all looks very different.  But has God left?  Is Jesus being ignored?  Of course not!  Worship and faith are less of the outward trappings and more of what is at the core.
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    When it comes to the images that Catholics revere that is already explained by priests that those images and statues are giving Catholics inspiration for praying. It is a symbol that can help in the concentration that one needs especially that no one had seen God's real image. 

    But I guess modernization has its own limits because technology is a tool that also helps religion. Now there are no more house to house campaign of a Christian sect maybe because they are doing it online. 
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    Modernization is not making religion obsolete.Actually modernization is making religion more popular. When I was a kid, there were no Churches in our own. People in our town used to go to nearby town to pray. But currently, there are three churches in our town.
    Modernization is making religion a business. I am sorry if I offend anyone, today church is a business, priesthood is a business.
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