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Is abortion ever justified?

Do you believe there is ever a reason where an abortion might be justified? 


  • This is such a touchy subject. Personally, I won't ever choose to abort my baby. Despite the conditions that I might have him or her, I just don't think my conscience can take that I was the one who decided to end his or her life. That's just me.

    But let's take rape victims for example. I really wouldn't want to force her to continue on with the pregnancy if she doesn't want to. I don't think it's fair to the baby to live in an environment like that. If the mother decides on an adoption, that's her call as well. And with situations like this, I cannot truly say it is justified but I can say that I understand the mother. 

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    If my daughter was raped by a bunch of hood rats, I think that justification for a abortion.  The baby was brought into this world through violation and forcefulness.  In my view that is enough to carry out a abortion.  Anyone else who tries to give me any lips can jump off a cliff.  This is not their business and certainly you are not in my family to give me any advice.
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    If you truly believe that live begins at conception then the only coherent position is to regard all abortions as the murder of an innocent, regardless of the actual circumstances that resulted in said pregnancy.

    This is the only position that will align with your belief system since you are defending a principle in general, the sanctity of life, the opposite of that is to fall into moral relativism and have this plastic set of ethics depending on circumstances.

    Regarding this matter I happen to have more respect for the people that have absolute positions: you either believe that all life is sacred or you don't consider the unborn a life so abortion should always be an option regardles of the circumstances. 
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    I believe there are situations that justify abortions. It does not mean that women should now have free rein in killing babies. If a pregnant woman has a life threatening complication or a women was raped and got pregnant should be justifiable enough. These are my only two.
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    @fcuco raises an important point. "When does life begin?" is the most important question everybody needs to answer and discuss. Is it during conception? Is it during birth? It most certainly is not after birth, but before birth. So life begins somewhere between conception and birth. 

    Having said that, in my opinion, I believe that abortion is indeed a murder of an innocent unborn baby. Not to mention that the taking of a baby's life is not for the mother to decide, because it is not her own, it is God's. Children are God's blessings, and you cannot simply take life away, because it's not yours to take in the first place. 

    Indeed, there can arise certain situations where the mother cannot continue carrying a child without risking death. Those certain situations most certainly require a sacrifice and it is only but reasonable not to. 
  • I do think the are instances when abortion is justified. Of of the main justifiable reasons that I can think of is when the mother's life is on the line and one has to choose between the mother and the baby. If you choose the baby it's like you're killing the mother. If you choose the mom, it's like you're killing the baby. In this kind of dilemma, I think there's no right or wrong and that any action could be justified.
  • This is a very touchy subject for most. I personally would never abort my child. I think if there is PROOF that a baby will not make it due to certain birth defects, and the child would be in pain the day she/he was born, I think that is up to the parents discression. I think in situations of rape, It should be an option early on. I do not think a woman should be forced to carry a child that will take her back to the day it all happened, if she doesnt want to. In those cases, she has been through enough. 
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    In my opinion, abortion may be justified if the pregnancy can result to complications and probable death of the mother or the baby. Likewise, if the baby will be born with a defect that will not allow him/her to live life with a semblance of normalcy, then abortion may be a more humane action.

    In case of pregnancy because of rape, I can understand women who would opt to abort the baby and I know some countries do allow it. However, that would still be tantamount to killing a life. You may be allowed legally, but how do you justify killing an unborn child, though conceived out of rape, before God? That child is half the flesh and blood of both mother and the rapist.

  • To us Catholics, the topic of abortion will forever be a sensitive subject. While there are people who commit abortion for selfish reasons, I have to admit that there are scenarios where it is the lesser of two evils. However, I will always go back to this: to the faithful, it is a matter between the believer and his/her God. We cannot impose our morals on everyone because at the end of the day, the person who made the decision will forever carry the weight of that decision. 
  • I was a child born out of an incestuous relationship. It may have been rape but my Mother may have also consented I don't know. I was given up for adoption and all throughout my life I have had parents against me because of WHAT I am. I have been made to feel awful about myself because not just am I a product of maybe rape, and not just am I a product of a teenage pregnancy, and not am I just a product of a child from a children's home (who were known as problem children), but I am mostly a product of incest. Whether it was rape or not, I'm a product of incest which has followed me throughout my life. As a result, I have suffered depression for most of my life, it has affected my relationships and whole being. It has given me a social anxiety and made me into a loner whereas I don't want to be like that. Wouldn't it have been better for my Mother to have kept me and loved me instead of giving me away? Sure, yes it would have done completely, if a child can't stay with its Mother, then it should be able to be given to a good home with loving parents. Social workers, however, need to stick with that child till it is sixteen years of age and talk to the child. I was sexually abused by my adopted Father and physically and mentally abused by my adopted Mother and I was never, ever approached and asked questions by the social worker who visited me, she always only ever spoke to my adopted Mother which meant the abuse went on. Sometimes I feel that I would have been better to be aborted but I take it that it's a lesson I must learn in life. I think that too for babies born with deformities, they too should have a chance to live a life. 
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