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Pope Francis Speeches in the U.S in English & Spanish

With Pope Francis's trip to the United States soon to arrive, news reports tell us that he will give 4 of his 18 speeches in English and the rest will be in his native language, Spanish.

How do you feel about this? Some people may wonder why only 4 out of 18 speeches in English. I think, it is commendable that the Pope is speaking English as he talks to the masses, but I do understand it is easier to speak in ones native tongue.

This will allow the Pope to be more impromptu in delivery; whereas, prepared English speeches will be more formal. For example, we will be able to experience more of the Popes sense of humor in some of the Spanish speeches. In my opinion, humor is one of the Popes best attributes.


  • I feel just fine with him reciting more of his speeches in Spanish. I think it is crucial that his message is spread in his own words. He will be more expressive and natural speaking with his own dialect. At times, I find that people speaking in a language that is not their own, makes them more robotic and unnatural. The flow of the Pope's message will be easily understood if he speaks from his own native language. As long as the translators do a good job of translating the speeches, then I see no problem with it.
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  • That is perfectly fine and since he has speeches in English being an English speaker myself is okay for me just as long as we can get across the message he is trying to impart to Christians all over the world. We can also get translations from all over the net for his Spanish speeches, so this issue is perfectly fine.
  • I don't listen to what he or any religious figure say's so it doesn't affect me one bit.  By the way, English was never made into the National language of the United States.  Everyone thinks that, but it isn't.  It would be wise to make speeches in English and Spanish because of the growing Latino community.  
  • Joshposh,

    As a Catholic, it does affect me. Now, I am not implying whether the Pope speaks in English or another language affects me. My point is even if someone is not Catholic, the Pope's speech still interests people of other denominations of religious faith. Curious, as to why you comment on the Pope's speech in English or Spanish, if it does not interest you?  

    Maybe because you do bring up a relevant point that SOME not EVERYONE might not know that the United States has no official language at the Federal level, but some states have English as its official language. Sure there is a large Latino community in the United States, but this is not why the Pope is speaking in Spanish. 

  • He can speak any language he wants, he still doesn't tell the truth. He blasphemes Jesus.
  • This is a good way to spread the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ and reach more people of diverse cultures around the world and in all walks of life. This way, more lives can be touched and learn his teachings and become an inspiration to follow the Lord and be Christ like in the process even today in the modern times. This way even those that are not in the United States to witness the event can very well catch up on what is happening and be one with the world in witnessing and experiencing history take place.
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    It's his discretion. In a way, the language doesn't matter, his message is the same.
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