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What changes in the Catholic Church should Pope Francis focus on?

The Second Vatican Council in the 60s have brought on some of the greatest changes in the Catholic Church.  From allowing the use of vernacular languages (from exclusively Latin) in mass to having the priest face the congregation instead of facing the tabernacle, the changes were monumental, to say the least.  If my memory serves me right, it is also the time when the requirement of wearing veils during mass in women was loosened and eventually removed.

Many of the faithfuls and even non-Catholics believe that Pope Francis would initiate great changes in the Church, the question would be what those are.
In your opinion, what problems/issues in the Vatican and the Church as a whole should the Pope prioritize?


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    I think the Pope should prioritize how the people behaves inside the church while hearing mass. The solemnity of the mass sometimes is neglected because some people are not listening intently to the priest. I've seen many people who doesn't participate and react correctly while hearing mass. There must be a proper way on how to deal with this kind of situation. 
  • I think the Catholic Church should address their stand on birth control. The reproductive health bill has been an issue for the church in our country. They are totally against the idea. I think as long as there is no union of the sperm and egg cell, the type of birth control that prohibits that is okay. If there is already a fertilized ovum, then maybe that is where they should be strict about using pills and such that can cause miscarriage.
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    I think generally, the Church needs to focus on tailoring the teachings and message to a younger generation. It seems as though more and more young people have turned away from the church. Fortunately, I think Pope Francis has the right idea in softening the Church's stance on topics such as gay marriage, divorce, and other controversial issues.
  • I think Pope Francis should think internationally and consider the impact of climate change, capitalism and civil wars. He should act both as a teacher and a leader to those countries in need of a sobering message. He's a light bringer after all and predominantly Christian countries should open up to his words.
  • In addition to the topic of birth control, which is often discussed, I would like to see the church dig further into the issues of infertility and assisted reproductive technology (ART), such as intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization.  While it would be hard for me to argue that this should be the Pope's top priority, as there are a number of pressing topics on which the church should focus, but this is a big area of concern for young Catholic couples who want to start a family but aren't able to do so on their own.  Based on current church teachings, there aren't many options other than adoption, which may be a great option for some but not others wishing to conceive a child of their own.
  • I think that the Pope should clearly address on the issue of corruption in the church. Nowadays some corrupt priests have prioritised on their wealth than on the church. He should also focus on the issue of child abuse as it has been raised for some time now. I hope that if he can address the two issues, then the Catholic Church will be the best church ever.
  • Teaching the younger ones the right teachings and the Bible should be advanced because this is a good way to raise the awareness of many about the right attitude and demeanor as prescribed by the catholic church and be good children of God.
  • @Francis 
    Ah, corruption in the church had been a long time issue. It's great that you bought that up. I think Pope Francis can implement some changes that can help alleviate corruption in the church. It's important to clean the system from the inside so that it's believers will be more willing to grow with the church.
  • I think they should actually follow what Jesus Christ preached and actually give up the luxurious robes and golden trinkets, and give it to the poor.  Jesus Christ spoke openly against the rich, and the Vatican is the total opposite.  They live in a Palace and raise the Pope like a false idol.  Give up the wealth like he preached.
  • He should focus on getting saved and leading people to Jesus Christ. And I totally agree with joshposh. He is a false idol and the catholic church doesn't even follow the word of God. It's a huge deception.
  • I agree with @Mailen. I am often distracted during Mass because so many are whispering, fumbling, checking their phones, and doing other things that detract from the solemnity of the service. I would appreciate a little more decorum during Mass. After all, it's a ceremony, not a performance. 
  • Well I guess there are a lot of changes in the Church that he can focus on but I think he may have to focus on the issue of basic behavior of Catholics in masses firstly and then the basic teachings of the Church and how the word of God written in the Bible may effectively be part of the lives by most Christians and become Christ like in the process. If this is done, everything will follow from there and will eventually fall into place.
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