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Vatican Wealth

The Vatican owns many items which are so rare a value can't even be placed on them, along with a treasury that has an outrageous sum of money in it. I think the Vatican needs to sell some of those rare items and dedicate the large amount of money made from the sale to helping the poor. They are doing no good sitting locked up in the Vatican treasury - sell them to a museum where people can look at them and help the poor all in one action.
What do you think?


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    USA stores billions worth of gold in Fort Knox, they do this because entirely world economies and currencies are attached to the gold reserves. Losing them or selling those gold bullions will lower the value of the dollar. The Vatican which is not just the religious capital of Christianity is also entirely political. If they lose some value in gold and land to other religions or capitalist institutions then they wouldn't be the same titans of religion they already are. Same goes with Islam, they have tonnes of property and wealth that has to say within the institutions to maintain their reputation, following and power.
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    You do have a good point there. I never thought about it screwing up the world's economy if they started selling off things.
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    I am not sure what to think of that. But I know that might be a good move on the part of the vatican. This would have to be passed by several people and I am sure it would be a long process. 
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    I am not informed enough about the articles they possess in order to make a judgment call. However, I trust that the Vatican leaders (hopefully) are preserving the items for the good of the people as well as the Church. I am not sure the items would be better off in the hands of a museum (depending on the museum).
  • I guess they are entitled to their wealth considering also the leadership status they have. I trust them however and as long as they serve the church going public then there is no problem. Let us also remember that the Vatican is also a city state and of course the seat of the Catholic Church, so this is but natural, I think.
  • I think, in a way, it is their way of holding on to history. The history of the Catholic church to be exact. I guess it is important for them to have those relics, much like we have a national museum which also holds important relics. It might be nice if they sell them and give the proceeds to the poor. But then they lose their only memories of history. 
  • I agree with briannagodess that their possessions consisting a majority of relics from the olden times is a testament to the wealth and the history of the Catholic Church and they have every right to keep them. I guess this also helps them to live the teachings of the past and as living reminders of the wealth and richness of the teachings of the Church which was handed down from generation to generation of Christians.
  • Jesus Christ himself spoke against the rich and he wore earthly robes.  But for some reason they raise the Pope like a false idol and they all wear luxurious gowns like pimps and have gold medallions.  Even though they believe in Jesus Christ and his teachings, they do the complete opposite of what he preached and represented.  He was a poor carpenter and was never showered in luxury.  
  • They are the most wealthy religion and populous in the entire world, and yet kids are still starving and there's still homeless people in the world. They sit on thrones with golden cups and jewels. It's ridiculous and shows where their heart lies with God! Wicked.
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