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A Warning that SHOULD Be on the Cover of the Holy Bible

I'm sure you've seen the one that atheists believe should be on the cover of the Holy Bible: "WARNING: This is a work of fiction ..." etc. (Basically a buncha stuff that the Holy Bible might seem to say if you read little passages in it without the context.)

That kind of misunderstanding is the reason why there OUGHT to be a 'warning-label' on the Bible---call it a 'sub-title': A Book of God's Private Letters to Christians.

That way you can reply, "Well, good thing it wasn't written to you!" when some non-Christian points out what they see as inconsistency. 

Sound good?


  • Sounds very good! I think as long as we believe in the Bible and in God, what others say are irrelevant to our beliefs. I don't really attack their beliefs, so I expect them to respect my beliefs too. If that is the way people think, then this world would be more peaceful. But that's just how the world works nowadays, you get a bunch of people judging you and your beliefs.
  • I am an atheist.  I really don't care what type of warning label you put on your own text.  It really doesn't bother me.  As much it irritates you to hear someone tell you that you are wrong, it pisses me off even more when a religious bloke tries to tell me that I should believe.  Yes, I see discrepancies in all religious text, and the followers bend them to their liking, or kind of just forget about particular passages and teaching that their prophet has preached.  

    Do as you like, but leave me alone.  
  • Well, I do believe in God and I was raised Catholic, but I don't believe everything written in the bible. If I did I would believe that God isn't a forgiving and loving God because of the way God is portrayed in the Old Testament.  I don't know if this was put fear into people about God, but for me it's just not something that sits too well with me.  I tend to think of the Bible as stories handed down and well we all know what happens than interpretations can get messed up or changed to add more impact.  
  • Yes but the word of God is perfect as it is. God inspired. The bible itself says ALL are without excuse when they stand before the judgment seat of Christ. Everyone has knowledge of God in their hearts and on their conscience. The free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ is offered to all. They must receive it after hearing the gospel.
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