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Most Controversial Thing Pope Francis Has Done?

What do you think the most controversial thing Pope Francis has done is?
I think it's allowing priests to temporarily forgive abortions.


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    That was a pretty momentous move. Along with that, I also think following the US Supreme Court decision about gay marriage, he called for all Catholics to welcome the gay community as friends and to treat them with respect.
  • I have to agree with that. Though, forgiveness is a very noble thing. People who had done the deed are also in need of forgiveness. Abortion is a sin and one of the best ways to cleanse yourself from it is to be forgiven.
  • I have to agree with Slate.  His willingness to welcome the gay community is huge.  The New and Old Testament straight up say that Homosexuality is a sin.  So by him saying that, he is contradicting it, and that questions everything in my opinion.  How can a person lead when he is not following his own religious text.
  • I think his most controversial stance or change will really be in the contextual "eye of the beholder." For many conservatives in North America and parts of Africa, I believe his statements on abortion will be seen as very controversial (as some have already mentioned). However his take on welcoming LGBTQ+ people will also be a questionable move in some people's minds--although he really didn't say anything new in this instance (he didn't say the church believes sexual acts outside of man/woman marriages are acceptable, he didn't say that he believes committed gay couples should be married by Catholic priests, etc.). 

    One thing that I've actually heard quite a bit about (mainly in media coming from the United States, though) is his extensive encyclical that made quite strong statements about climate change. I was under the impression that climate change was not quite so big an issue anymore, but it seems like it definitely still is in many conservative areas of the United States! 

    Of course, I'm sure there are more controversial statements to come, but all in all I see Pope Francis reflecting Christ in many things that he says and does: his care for the poor and the marginalized, his lack of fear when it comes to saying things that will offend those in places of power, and his focus on God's love. 
  • I have a lot of non-Catholic Christian friends and acquaintances, and I'd have to say the thing I've seen them talking about the most is the abortion issue. The others are also big, such as the immigration and gay issues, but abortion is the top one I've seen posted about to date. 
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