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Pope Francis is not Latino???

edited September 2015 in Vatican Scandals Posts: 4

He is being hailed with pride and wonder as the "first Latino pope," a native Spanish speaker born and raised in the South American nation of Argentina. But for some Latinos in the United States, there's a catch: Pope Francis' parents were born in Italy.

Such recent European heritage is reviving debate in the United States about what makes someone a Latino. Those questioning whether their idea of Latino identity applies to Pope Francis acknowledge that he is Latin American, and that he is a special inspiration to Spanish-speaking Catholics around the world. Yet that, in their eyes, does not mean the pope is "Latino."

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  • I no longer view the Pope with any race because his message is universal. He doesn't politicize where he came from and so should we. We should view each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, as human beings and no longer as peoples from different backgrounds and races.
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    Was it that important that Pope Francis be Latino? What's with the church? In Christ there's no Latino, no Italian, no races. We are all [or should be] as @ Apollo points out be brothers and sisters and should view and treat each other as such. All Popes regardless of where they were born should be an inspiration to people of all hues.
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    I mean, in the end, it doesn't really matter. We are all human and our background shouldn't change how we act and treat one another. Too many people get bogged down with heritage, race, etc.
  • I agree why should we label the Pope for his cultural origin.  For that matter why do we label everyone.  Seriously, I wish we could get to the level where everyone is seen only as human beings.  That race, gender and even age weren't taken into consideration.  But instead we still go around on applications and other forms asking individuals to identify themselves with these labels.  Yet, I feel like we should no longer be labeled but be loved for who we are human beings.  
  • I don't see the point of this thread.  Who cares what he is?  I think the only people that are Italians that want the honor of having him branded as Italian and not Latino.  He grew up in Argentina.  So what?  Just let him do his job, whatever that may be, and lets just sit back and enjoy the show.
  • I really do not mind if he is Latino or not just so long that he can affect changes in the current system the church is being run. He can do this slowly but surely. Leadership and positive change is definitely not determined by a race and color as long as he gets the job done, I am fine with that. Go for it, Pope Francis.
  • He doesn't look like he is, but it doesn't matter anyway.
  • I actually have never thought about this issue, because I think there's too much divisiveness these days over race. If his parents were European, born in Italy, he would be Caucasian/Italian. Culturally he might be close to Hispanic/Latino, but so would many others. I prefer not to stick people into boxes, and I think it's great that he's been able to bridge the gap between the cultures. 
  • It does not matter if he is Latino or not because whatever his race, he will always be the Pope and the Father that will guide us as the representation of God here on earth. His main responsibility is to bridge the gap of all races of people and walks of life and try to win the side of all men for God through his teachings and good deeds. He will also do this by setting the example for all of us to follow to try to be Christ Like in all our ways.
  • The race of one is not the measurement of greatness and the Pope not being Latino is not at all an issue as this is only his race. No matter where the Pope came from, his background and specific take on things is not important just as long as he serves the people and act on his responsibilities well and he yields results that are expected of him.
  • I just have question regarding the matter, so what? I mean, is it really that big if the Pope was born of Italian parents? Is it important if he was a Latin Pope? No! Not really. These are trivial matters. Citizenship has nothing to do with being good or doing good works. It is universal. The Pope should not even be associated with any race color. He is a universal symbol for Christ the Lord. That's what's important.
  • If you think about it, and want to go into our geneology trees, then we are all European, Asian, or African. No one would even be latino then. Does it really matter where he is from though?  
  • Honestly, I don't really care about his race. If the media made the mistake of publicizing him as the first latino Pope, that's on them. I don't care about the race, but what I do care about is his message. 
  • Who cares about his heritage? I understand where people are coming from though and it is technically correct to say he is the first pope who hails from Argentina. There's really nothing wrong if Argentinians are proud of this fact, and I think as a pope it gives him insight on the current situation in Latin America
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    He is from Argentina. Almost everybody in Argentina can trace back their roots to either Italy or Spain, an enormous percentage of the population is a direct descendant of these immigrants, usually going back 1,2 or 3 generations. This is true for all Latin America but Argentina in particular has a lot of this. If he is not considered Argentinean (and therefor a latino) then I guess almost half of the Argentinean population must be really Italian then.

    By the way, some people consider Italians to be latino, just not Hispanics.
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