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Teaching religion to children

My orientation with Catholic religion is the duty of the parents to teach the basics of religion to their children. I was schooled in a Catholic school where I learned other things about being a good Catholic particularly how to act inside the church and how to properly attend a holy mass. With other religion, I believe that the parents are their first teachers. However, I find some homes bereft of such learning where children does not even know what God is or if there is one. The parents have no time for that maybe beause they are so busy in earning money.



  • Parents are definitely the first teachers. We should teach our children how to respect others and even the basics of our religion. Thankfully, my mom has taught as well and encouraged us to go to church with her. She taught us how to pray the rosary and the basic prayers. My husband has been taught well by his mom as well. 

    Time isn't a problem, it's when you don't know your priorities. Always have some time spent with your kids to teach them about the important things. It can serve them well as they grow.
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    Yes, parents are the first teacher of their children. I wonder why I see so many street children doing nasty things like stealing from the people in the streets and even indulging in illegal drugs not to mention their early sexual activities (as young as 12 years old, they are already having sexual relationships). I'm sure God is not happy with what the parents of those children are doing.
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    I think that is is important to teach religion to children.
    But also in public schools it is also important to keep the choices diverse and don't be too strict. When I was 8 I started to go to catholic bible lessons in a public school. I love the bible and the plays with other children, our teacher was nice and we went to the church several times.

    Later on the church itself become demanding and threatened to fail me if my parent's wouldn't come also with me to the church. They are mostly agonistic so it was weird. 
  • I don't think it's a good thing to do. People should pick up any religion as adults who are able to comprehend the world and take a full accountability for their own actions. Also, they have to study some other beliefs before making a final choice. That would be more honest.
  • Yup, my husband always said that we should blame the parents for as to why these kids are in the streets and doing those crimes. It's not the children's fault because they are young and don't know any better. They were born in a family that cannot provide for them hence they resorted to stealing and doing drugs to make their lives easier. And their parents, enabled them to do that. 
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    Parent should teach by example, simply sending your kids to a Catholic School is not going to cut it. Parents should act and be the living enboidement of the religion they claim to follow, only then can they expect their children to grow up and be men and women of good. Cramming a bunch of dogmatic teaching into your child's head is a recipe for disaster if your acts don't follow your words. Don't teach religion, be it.
  • This is something that you either do or don't. If you are raised in a religious family you are probably going to be religious and you are going to teach your kids the same. However, I know quite few examples of kids refusing to follow the steps of their parents and just have respect to church but never really attend anything and the parents are cool with that. My point is that nothing should be rigid and things like religion should not be imposed at some early age when a child is unable to understand it. It should be a choice.
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    I also think Christianity in particular has lost its touch in teaching or passing on religion. Youth don't seem to enthusiastic about principles of the Church and teaching of Jesus anymore. It's funny how other religions find time to impress it upon their kids to the point of even radicalizing them. I also think it should be lived as an example to pass on the tenets.
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    Knowing the basics like knowing the difference between good and evil is the heart of religion (at least it's what I think it is). Teaching our young kids what is good and bad is the first step for them in learning what our faith is all about especially in their formative years, when their minds are like sponges. This is the perfect time for them to learn what God is and how they can be closer to Him. Lessons learned at this early is usually the ones that stay with them until they are adults. Having caring and loving parents are also very very important because they are the ones that represent God in this life and through them, the children will know just how much the Lord loves them.
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    I agree. Being a parent is a huge responsibility. You should not only take care of the physical needs of your children, but also take care of their mental, emotional and spiritual needs. The most important of all is the spiritual need. As a parent, you need to be a good example and role model for your children. How can you teach your children about God if you yourself don't act like a Christian? A lot of people today came from broken families and homes and it's just to see how much damage a broken family can do to people. Everything starts with the family, if one can't fix family problems, then how much more for the problems coming outside the home? How can he/she fulfill the role of the Christian to be a good example and a testimony of Christ to the world?
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    I struggle with how to teach Christianity to my children. I was raised to be Catholic by an atheist parent (strange, right) and was raised to question everything. So in adult life I searched a lot and studied most every religion out there. But only a spiritual experience brought back to the arms of Jesus, and I'm not sure my logical brain would have ever got me there otherwise. 

    So I struggle with teaching a questioning mind things which are unseen and unproven, and only known through intimate experience or faith. I just pray I am laying a gentle foundation and when the time is right all the prices will click for them, as they did for  me.
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    Well I have to be honest I never really thought that anyone would be against teaching it to children, but users like @artyarson do make some good points.  I kind of think that the kids do not really buy all the way in anyways, though, so a lot of the dangers you speak of are just naturally avoided.  Overall, though, I would say that it help to make a well rounded young person, so I favor it, but to each their own I suppose.
  • I think it's important to teach the historical perspective of every religion on Earth. This is one of the things I didn't learn from school which is very important in acquiring a holistic understanding of where the beliefs came from and where it is heading. Equally important also to teach children about tolerance which is clearly lacking in today's world. 
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    its important to teach every religion on Earth
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    I studied in a public school and I had attended an informal study on Catholic religion in our church. A woman was our teacher. It was called Catechism which I think is one good thing about church volunteers. They spend time to provide proper orientation to kids about the religion. 

    The attraction for us kids are the biscuits given after the lesson that takes 30 minutes and sometimes lasts for 1 hour. 
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    I am sorry if I am offending someone, but I am against teaching religion to kids. I believe religion is a personal matter and the individuals should be given to choose any religion they want. Just because you are Catholic does
    not mean your kids have to be Catholics, or what so ever.

    Instead of teaching how God created this world, teach ethics, morality, compassion, love, humility, and the things like these.

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    I think that it's up to the parents to teach their children the kind of religion they want their kids to be raised in. Usually they do this by enrolling the kid in a Catholic school for example, so that the kid would be exposed to it.
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