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Do you believe in angels?

For some believing in God is already a hard sell but supernatural beings as well? Many religions like Islam and Judaism along with Christianity cite the existence of angels in their spiritual texts. Some people think they're messengers of God others think they're just spirits or balls of energy. Do you believe in angels?


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    Yes, I certainly do believe in angels. It seems that like our society G-d has an angel for every role in nature and spiritual development. We also have guardian angels who stand by our steads daily our whole lives. As i was studying The Essenes and Nazarenes, the most beautiful concept my simple soul has ever come across, was how to commune with the angels daily and nightly. In fact this is what brought me back to Jesus Christ from out of atheism. I've heard angels sing these words to me, " All this time, Never really knowing what you were fighting for, Know yourself, Know you're young, You are Strong." The last note of this song I heard while I was deep meditation chanting "Our Father's Prayer," repeatedly, became so high that  the Angel's voice turned into a frequency. Thank Jesus Christ for this experience. These are Jesus's angels and they are never to be worshipped, but can be acknowledged as our older brothers in The Lord. One day we will be with them and Praise our Savor all the day long. Commune and meditate with your heart on The Lord and Christ will perform the miraculous upon your life. Peace, Love and Joy my brother.
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    Angels may not be the exact character as presented in drawings - a human-like figure with a human face and wings. What I understand about angels is the being in another form that exists in another dimension which sometimes overlap with our dimension. And I believe that angels can help us by changing our fortune like saving us from accidents or making way for us to have a good fortune like winning the lotto.
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    I believe in angels, though I've never seen one. There goes my faith into action again. I believe in a spiritual realm and there are bad angels and good ones. They have a role to play in our daily lives. Some as guardians and protectors. Some just doing God's work and keeping evil at bay. I really believe angels do exist.
  • I feel like I believe in Angels more in a spiritual sense, and less in the sense that they are human-like creatures with wings. I don't think they are living in clouds and playing harps but I do believe in holy spirit, especially due to their involvement in the nativity.
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    There are two types of angels Godly and Satanic angels. God's angels are his messengers and they show and demonstrate how big God's family is. Satan's angels are also his messengers who go about convincing people to follow satan through worldly things like money and wealth.
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    I agree to that - the good angel and the bad angel which are both created by God. That is why Armageddon is in the works because the good angel and the bad angel are fighting over us, that is every minute of the day. There was this personification of those angels called Lucio and Miguel. It was even made into a movie to show that Miguel is actually the Michael the Archangel and Lucio is Lucifer. And the arena is the mind of a person who is beset by problems. That's where the 2 angels would start fighting over the person.
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    I do believe in angels, though I have never had an encounter. I believe there is a whole spiritual plane out there, that has it's own battle going on. I also feel there is some plane that has a lot of lost, desperate souls roaming around, looking for anyone to help. That I feel mostly strongly, so if that is true, there must be some heavenly plane too. I have heard people speak of lifting the veil, or break through veil after veil. It makes me think there must be many levels of spiritual beings out there. 

    I was once walking in the woods with my family, and heard a quick loud whisper in my ear "HELP ME". I turned with a smile almost laughing, thinking it was my husband joking around, but then saw I was alone and they were too far off to have said it. It was very creepy and hard to shake off. So if all that kind of stuff is true, then angels must be real as well. 
  • I believe in angels. I believe that there are beings out there sent by God either to be messengers or to intercede in behalf of Him. I, personally have not seen one, but it is comforting for me to know that there are agents out there who got our backs when we are in need of spiritual help or assistance. It doesn't necessary has to be a spiritual being, because we can be each other's guardian angels.
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    Like some others have already commented, I believe in angels
    but not necessarily in the form of a winged messenger with a flaming sword or
    playing a harp among the clouds. But I do believe that each and every one of us
    has a guardian angel protecting us and guiding us through life – it’s the voice
    inside us helping us to understand and reason things out. When we hear
    questions within ourselves, like is this right, is this wrong, should I do this
    or not, it is the voice of our angel helping us do the right thing.
  • Yes, I do believe that there are angels. I am a christian and I do believe in what time bible says. They are true messengers of God. I have never heard of a person who doubt about their existence.
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    As they are cited in the bible, I do believe in angels. From the bible, we learned that they are God's messengers and that they worship God day and night in heaven. They are created higher than human beings but we will be higher than them if we are judged worthy of eternal life in heaven.  
  • This is really interesting, because there are so many views on angels.  When you look at the first mention of them in the Jewish tradition, they are seen as messengers.  Some prominent teachings in Judaism, and some Christians, discourage people from praying to angels because they say that prayers should be addressed to God alone.  However, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are listed as saints.  My copy of "Little Pictorial Lives of the Saints" (thanks for the gift, grandma!) says, "The existence of Guardian Angels is, hence, a dogma of the Christian faith: this being so, what ought not our respect be for that sure and holy intelligence that is ever present at our side; and how great should our solicitude be, lest, by any act of ours, we offend those eyes which are ever bent upon us in all our ways!" (502-503)
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    I think that I do.  I am somewhere in between whether or not they are real people or if they are something more though.  That said, I do think that we can find some here on earth, but maybe there is more out there.
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    yes i believe there have an angel
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    I believe that there are angels. They are beings in a different dimension and different appearance. They have no wings but they can float because they have power over the physics laws that we know. My belief in angels is that they are the monitors of the humans. They save us when needed. But on the contrary they cause disasters to punish us. 

    I am not alone in this belief because I have talked to several people about this and they agree. 
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    Yes, I really believe in angels and their existence, they were made to protect humans and guard them from harm. I heard that if you are manly, your angel would be a male, and if you are effeminate, your angel would be a female, regardless of the human's gender.
  • Yes I believe in Angels. I may not know my guardian Angel by name, but I am sure they exist, and they are always watching over me. There are so many instances I almost lost my life. I believe my guardian angel was watching over me during those instances. 

    I believe everyone has their won guardian angel watching over them. 
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