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How do you react to someone criticizing your religion?

edited February 2016 in Vatican Scandals Posts: 129
I once had met a minister of Jehovah's Witness who is always assassinating the Catholic religion. According to him, the Pope is the anti-Christ and the Catholic church is the house of the devil. I was speechless because for a good Catholic, I don't think it is wise to give decency to those nonsensical remarks. In other words, why give those statements the courtesy of my reaction. But my husband would be fighting tooth and nail. He would cite the mistakes of Jehovah's Witnesses with their Armageddon thing in 1971which they advised their members to stop going to school.


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    I understand when non-Christians criticize the Catholic Church, because of all the sins of man that have occurred inside of it. Some people might feel the sins of priests show the hypocrisy of the Church, however priests are just men, and although they aspire to holiness, they are not impervious to sin, as they are still men in flesh bodies. 

    But I find it strange when other Christian denominations criticize Catholicism. I look at their denominations, and think, well, I don't think they have it quite right, but who am I to judge, they follow Christ, so just let them be. So I find it strange they take such ab aggressive, self righteous, angry attitude against the Catholic Church, which I find to be somewhat unchristian-like. I have even heard Baptists believe all Catholics are going hell. 
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    I am very suspicious with people whose whole belief system is constructed on top of negating the believes of others. It is quite different to believe that we all are simply taking different paths to arrive at the same Truth and light that it is to be thinking that other people are not simply mistaken but downright wicked and evil.

    It is human nature to hate with the most passion those things that are similar to us but no quite completely, I can't wrap my head around the fact that there is so much hate between different denominations of a faith yet there is tolerance to other faith systems.

    Take a good look at yourself if hate is all you are preaching.
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    I really just let people talk whatever they want in many cases. When I was younger I was a real firebrand at defending my religion and Jesus Christ. Then I read the scripture that told me not to argure with them. Now I couldn't care less what people think. I think there is more than enough room in heaven and no-one should think or teach that their religion is any better than another.
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    This is bound to happen, so we just have to find a good way to deal with it. If a non-Christian attacks God or Jesus Christ or anything related to the Bible, I just listen to him and I'll say my own opinion about the matter. If he disagrees, I'll shake the dust of my feet. But if a fellow Christian believer attacks the Bible or even defends other religions, then I will definitely rebuke him in light of God's word. The Apostle Paul has done that and rebuked Peter in Galataions 2:11-14
  • We should care much about unconstructive criticism that consists of slurs. It's usually said by uncultivated people. Their worldview is pretty different and we have to acknowledge that. We shouldn't pray for them either. There's no need for that whatsoever.
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    It is quite normal for other religions to criticize or challenge the Catholic Church because if they don't, then it means that the Catholic Church is the real church of God and the other religions will have no basis for existence. It is not surprising either for these other religions to take potshots at each other. Frankly, most of these religions are occult religions that are based on the premise that God had revealed himself to their leader. I am surprised that even the educated are buying into this premise. 
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    I always try to avoid the topic of religion and politics with people especially with strangers. A Christian sect has the habit of going from house to house to peddle their religion. When I was younger I would engage them in a debate. But now I want peace so I don't bother with them. 

    When my Catholic religion is criticized especially with the use of the statues that they call idol, I just keep my cool. It is their take on our tradition so it's up to them to think what they want to think. But for me, to each his own tradition. There is no perfect religion and if we are going to criticize one another then there will be no end to the insults.
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    Well, I would just leave it at that, and not bother to start an argument, because I know that criticism will never amount to anything useful, so it's useless to fight for what I believe in.
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    I am not a very religious person but I don't like criticizing any religion not just the religion I am following. When I was in teens, I did not care much when people started talking nonsense about the religion follow. But as I am moving into adulthood, I do not like people criticizing religion.

    These days when I am in a group of people and when someone starts criticizing religion, I take a role of protector of religion and start debating.
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