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Pope Francis About the Forgiveness of People that Undergone Abortion

A few weeks ago, the good Pope relayed his message that since this year is the "Year of Mercy," We must forgive those people who have killed the unborn. What is your stand regarding this?


  • This is such a difficult issue to talk about. I respect other people's choices for their lives. But I would never resort to abortion as an option. I think the Pope is right though. If God can forgive, why can't we? We're only humans anyway. We can make mistakes and wrong choices in life. It is better that we forgive other people than hold grudges all our lives. Thank you Pope for yet again, a rebellious stand on such a complicated issue.
  • A very sensitive issue indeed but then again I believe that we must forgive those who are truly regretful of their sins and since the good Lord God above is all forgiving, then who are we to not do so? Maybe, in medical terms, there are cases that they have to undergo an abortion because it will endanger the life of the mother, the baby or both, in which case an abortion is the only option, then this is understandable and can be readily forgiven.
  • Yes, this is definitely a contentious topic. I don't think many realize that a lot of people, especially these days, are growing up without religion, and in a more secular society, especially when something is legal, it is not thought of as wrong, let alone a sin. Many have been taught that a 'fetus' is not an actual baby, and believe or believed it. Some who are uneducated, or were uneducated when making the decision to obtain an abortion, or help another in obtaining an abortion, may regret that decision, especially if they come to realize the gravity of the act. If those who've otherwise committed murder can be forgiven, why not those who've chosen abortion and now regret that taking of life? 
  • He can't forgive anyone and neither can any priest. only God can. People who have had an abortion need to know there's forgiveness through Jesus Christ, no one else.
  • They also have the right to be forgiven for their sins also and that God has a place always in heaven for those that return to him and repent in his name. As humans, we must also be forgiving and wanting what is the best for all our fellowmen.
  •  This is very true. Jesus said, "No man cometh unto the Father, but through Me."  The Pope may be a good man, who hopefully leads people to God, but he cannot do the work of the Holy Spirit.
  • The way that I look at it, you can't blame someone for something they did in their past if they didn't know that it was wrong. So many people are being raised without religion, and most of those people don't know what is considered to be right/wrong in the eyes of the lord. If they come to our faith searching for forgiveness, I believe that it should be given to them.
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    I have my own opinion on abortion. First is the definition of abortion - when is it called life? There is the thing called zygotes that is the start of the fetus. This is a scientific topic so pardon me if I am not accurate in my terms. Once the sperm and the egg cell meet a zygote is produced.I think the church considers the zygote the start of life. If would consider the fetus as the start of life then there is the debate.

    Just to be safe for now, I am abiding by the word of the church because of my religion. I know that science has its own interpretation of the beginning of life and I also respect it. 
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