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Hatred among Christians.

I never went to church today. At least I arrived at the gate then shamelessly walked away. I met a fellow employer I had employed at my business but due to ups and downs, and that I later found she is not professionally fit for the position, I had to let her go. She spread so much hate, so much negativity to the neighbors around, sneers whenever I walk on that street. I unfortunately closed up by business.

I don't hate her. I just don't know how to love my enemies. Have you ever been in such a position? I know now that none of us is better than the other. 
How do you turn the other chick when someone slaps you so hard on one? Deep down, I know God is the healer of everything. I hope one day He may remove all the hate and grant me love. Happy day all of you.


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    In our culture there is a saying about being Christian to have good manners and concern for other people. When you hate someone then that is an unchristian attitude that we should learn how to avoid. But as the saying goes, haters will hate. The best thing is to live and let live. If some of my neighbors would be hating me for unknown reasons then it is their problem and not mine. 

    I just want to be happy with my life and I practice the Christian teachings that I have learned. 
  • Thank you for the encouragement @AlexandRoy. You are right, we should turn the other side and love one another. This is something that is beyond me, and I have been praying each and every night for God to give me the grace to love my neighbors and enemies. 

    Sometimes we let our ego take control of us. Have a great time nonetheless. Tomorrow will be a better day, and I pray to act differently. 
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