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Baptism - Not for Children of Unmarried Couples?

For the past several years now, the Catholic Church in my country, or at least in my community, has been denying applications for baptism of children whose parents are not married in church. I am not sure about the Vatican's stand on this, but I personally think that it is not fair for children to be denied of baptism on account of their parent's failure to marry in the Catholic Church. Your thoughts?
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    What wrongs did these poor kids committed? Sinners (according to the religion, but not according to me) are the parents and not the kids. If the church continues to discriminate people due to such wrong notions, it will alienate itself from the masses.
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    In our traditional Catholic practices it is the same that before the child can be baptized the parents should  have been married in a Catholic church. However, in the recent decades my sister said that it is not the case anymore. The priests here have been somehow lenient. What's strict is the marriage that the bride and groom should be both baptized Catholics.

    To be fair to spouses who are not married in church it is expensive here. For those who cannot afford they just marry in a civil rites by the mayor or church which is much cheaper. 
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    I would have to agree that it's highly unfair that children would be denied baptism because of the simple fact that their parents are not married. It's an unjustified bias in my opinion.
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