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Celibacy: Should the Roman Catholic Church bend the rule?

I am all for wanting celibacy from a priest as I believe that he will be in the best position to serve God's flock if he is not troubled by worldly concerns such as raising a family or securing his family's future. However, it seems that celibacy has been an issue that's preventing otherwise great preachers or would be preachers from considering priesthood. Should the Vatican drop this requirement and be more accepting of married priests considering that Peter himself was married? 


  • If you look into it, celibacy was made a requirement in the Middle Ages to combat against nepotism (where children would get a position because of who their parents were).  Back in those days, being a priest or a bishop also carried with it enormous wealth, as well as social and political power, so this was a necessary step for the Church at this time.  If you look at the Jewish or Hindu tradition, or even the Protestant one, their priests are allowed to marry and raise a family.  I do like the idea of being free of "worldly concerns", but it truly does limit the scope of people who choose to go into the priesthood.  I think this is something the Pope needs to look at in a modern social context and look at it in the perspective of how it will serve the faith community as a whole. 
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    I am old fashioned and I support the religious traditions. With the celibacy of the priest it is not good for them to be married. Look at the Christian sects here. The founder is the patriarch and the position is inherited by the son. Now the grandson is the leader and probably the position will be inherited by his son. 

    That is a dynasty and I would hate to see the Pope leaving the papacy to his son.
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    Forgive me if I offend you. Catholic Church has been forcing celibacy on priests so hard that they have started looking for unnatural means to gratify their sexual pleasure. (I am trying to point the issue of child abuse in catholic churches)
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