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When you first think of Pope Francis, What are your initial thoughts?

I would love to see answers on this. I think everyone has their own opinion and  I am curious to see others. 


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    I think of a peace-loving, humble, and Christ-like man who wants to serve rather than be served. Pope Francis is bringing the church closer to people by planting seeds of love and compassion and just by being himself. He radiates an aura of positivity and goodness. 
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    My impression of Pope Francis is quite similar to my impression of Pope John Paul II. The Pope is amiable and meek in his ways that he is very approachable. I really do not know if my impression is correct but that is how I see him. It is a fitting picture of the Pope with the kids because he had that reverend look and very holy. 

    By the way, the colon surgery of Pope Francis is done and he is recuperating beautifully. 
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