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God's Will, Destiny, Predestination, etc.

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe it is an end result you can either find - or not find?

I get confused when I hear people say things like "connect you to your destiny" or "discover your destiny," etc. Is it something that could elude you otherwise? 

And I mean this in the Christian view of the word, not the secular.


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    God is an invisible spirit from the highest heaven that no man is ever capable of being. That is why the pope is following Satan since he follows the image of a corruptable man. The dark skinned image of Jesus is not the real saviour at all as that is an image of Satan and not a saviour. The papal loweracy has caused everyone to worship Satan by removing important information from the bible specifically information about women because the whole papal loweracy are cheuvenistic pigs. The highest in heaven is a woman not a man as man is satan. God's will and destiny is to make sure the pope kind and royal low life's take the bottomless pit that they deserve. His destiny is to suffer for all the corruption on this earth because their evil created it by worshiping Satan the false savior the pope has tricked everyone into worshipping and guess what you all were fooled into worshiping satan your fake picture of Jesus on the wall.

    Too bad says the pope because he doesn't give a crap about anyone but his own self. This is why he sends everyone to hell through water baptism.
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    To be honest, sometimes I believe in fate that whatever you do cannot change your destiny. It is like seeing someone who is trying his best to win (a game or a job) but to no avail. On the other hand there is the guy who didn't strive but luck gave him the victory. Those instances happen in sports and in every day life to ordinary people like us. 

    However, I also believe that God has His own ways that we wouldn't understand like the so called blessing in disguise. Life is indeed a mystery.
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    You are actually born with certain strengths and weaknesses, and even talents that will dictate your destiny. You are "scheduled" to live out certain events, while some are just meant to be experienced as an "option", and that is free will.
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    This question is well discussed on Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, Th pre-Christain era drama tries to answer the question: are we on the mercy of gods because our destiny is predetermined, or do we ourselves make our own destiny. My belief is later, we make out own destiny.
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