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Other Christian religions are questioning the sign of the cross

I've heard a number of people from different Christian religions question the practice of Catholics in performing the sign off the cross. They say that this is not mentioned in the bible so why do you need to perform such a sign? Other go as far as saying that the sign off the cross is the sign of the devil. They say that Catholics have deviated greatly from the teachings of the bible. Being a catholic, how would you defend the sign off the cross? Do you still believe in the holy Trinity which is why you perform such sign?


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    These people who are only interested in the Bible and reject all other forms Christianity need to go back in a time capsule just a few hundred years to see what life was like. I'm sure bibles were hard to come by, cost a lot of money, and plenty of people didn't even know how to READ. 

    The Bible is one thing but tradition is another. Just because tradition exists outside of Bible teachings does not make it instantly wrong or go against the Bible.

    Do these people also not believe in the Holy Trinity? 

    I absolutely believe in the Holy Trinity and to me it encompasses all of Christianity right there within itself. 
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    This is very true! The translation of the cross today signifies pain and suffering at the hands of Satan and where we went wrong as mankind. It is a representation of the burdens we carry. I can't say what the true definition of the cross was in ancient times, but the Catholic church off of their false witness and translations of the flesh have perverted the symbol all together. If they are going to carry a symbol then why don't they carry the symbol of freedom from pain - The pomegranate or honey comb as is heaven. As Heaven is the food and we exist within the walls of the fruit. The whole papal higheracy which I call loweracy has perverted all translation which is why nobody is yet in heaven but 8 angels. Therefore it is impossible for the pope to speak to our know God or be an intercession for God as only the one who's consciousness first connected to God- the only one who rises and falls who's DNA is planned in the walls of heaven can speak to God and speak for God. How dare the pope speak by schizophrenic voices in his head and say "Now atheist can get into heaven" when have they not been able to. This is quite prejudice and that is like saying a group of people such as Chinese could never get in before but the pole apparently spoke to voices in his head and they aid a certain people are now allowed in. Him and his line have perverted all the words and made people like me confused with the truth this whole time and he and his priests are a big reason why nobody is yet in heaven. I would rather wear a bell because in heaven the angels are the bells and when they sing their song vibrates and waves out like a bell under water. :)
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    Well I would say that just because it is not mentioned in the Bible, that is not really a reason to question its usage.  I mean, not that I write that, I guess you can really question anything you want to, but so I will just say that I hope it is not isolating anyone or making people feel unwelcome in anyway.  Things like this are often a matter of traditional and family values, so I would say just leave them be.  Interesting though, and thanks for sharing.
  • When I was in Catholic school, we talked a lot about the origins of a lot of things in Christianity and Catholicism, and one of the things that came up was the cross.  It was originally a symbol of protection in quite a few faiths around the world, and represented balance and harmony.  It has lots of variations throughout the world.  I don't see it as a sign of the devil, but as a way of reminding ourselves of our faith.  I can also see it as incorporating some of those good meanings from other faiths as well.  I would defend it by saying that it's a way of connecting ourselves with Jesus' sacrifice and bringing the Holy Trinity into our mind.  Connecting with God is why we read the Bible, and so even if it's not specifically mentioned the results are the same.
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    Some Christian faiths are actually questioning why Catholics are making the sign of the cross whenever they pass by a church building. They make it an excuse to criticize Catholicism by saying that Catholics have to make the sign of the cross in front of the church to protect themselves against the Catholic Church! That criticism is really absurd, but that is how things go in this world. Most Catholics do that to show their respect for their place of worship, the church building and to ask God to protect them in their journey. It's true that the sign of the cross is not mentioned in the bible, but it is a tradition that keeps the faith alive, one that affirms and reminds a person that he is a child of God and must act and speak in the standards set by God as written in the bible. 
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