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Difficult Bible Verses

Are there certain bible verses that you don't understand? Perhaps we could offer each other help in understanding. 


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    I actually have questions about the Bible but no particular verse. My husband had cited the lineage of Jesus which is confusing because it leads to Joseph who is the foster father of Jesus. Why didn't the author noted down the lineage of Mary instead?

    Another question is what would have happened if Jesus did not die on the cross? That also intrigues me.
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    I have always found the Parable of the Prodigal Son to be a little puzzling and hard to understand, not the story itself that's quite simple, but the actual message behind it, I feel that it is specially unjust to the older son and can't help but think that he is kind of right when he refuses to be a part of the banquet welcoming the lost son.
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    @fcuco, Try reading Luke 15:7! It might shed some light on something.

    @Corzhens Your question poses a very important point. 

    First of all, just so we're clear, the lineage of Jesus was mentioned in the New Testament to fulfill the prophecy of the prophet Isaiah to the house of David that Christ will be born from the descendants of David (See Isaiah 7:13-14), a king. Now, if the genealogy of Jesus that was mentioned was only from Joseph, then a problem could arise, since Joseph indeed is not the "true" father of Jesus physically. Therefore Jesus cannot have the legal right to the throne, since anyone who ascended to the throne must get it through his father, in this case, Joseph. 

    So, you're correct that genealogy of Jesus through Mary should be mentioned to stop any more arguments questioning Jesus' right to the throne. No worries. That's why Luke used the genealogy of Jesus through Mary and not Joseph. 

    If you would notice, Matthew and Luke used an identical genealogy from David to Abraham, but from David down, the names are different. Luke used the maternal genealogy of Jesus while Matthew used the paternal genealogy of Jesus. See Luke 3:23-28 for Mary's and Mathew 1:6-15 for Joseph's. (Not to mention Joseph did become the legal father of Jesus and hence Jesus still received the legal right to the throne regardless of whether Mary was mentioned or not.)
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    @spense88 thanks for explanation.

    One thing I have not understood clearly is how Jesus "died for our sins". I do understand how God sent Jesus to earth to aid us sinners and offer a gateway to our Father. And I understand how sometimes back then there were offerings made to the Gods, such as a slaughtering a lamb. 

    But I just don't quite get how the injustice brought against Jesus turned into him "dying for our sins".  I'm sure it is just a stretch on words and a simple logical jump to get to that understanding but I feel I am missing a part for myself to be clear on how to interpret those words literally. 
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    Pardon me for this comment for it might be blasphemous to some. The Bible has many lines that go against logic. Even the purpose or Jesus is not clear to me. People say Jesus Christ is the savior so he was born to die. That is senseless to me. If Jesus is the savoir then he would have been born like Superman. With his super powers he can easily beat the evil people and put a semblance of order in the world. 

    Dying at the hands of the Romans is a sacrifice. What for?
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