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Catholics and Islamic Extremists

The Catholics are the most tame when it comes to religion. I'm not saying they are not that religious. They have the zeal but unlike other religions who would kill for their belief, Catholics remain civil and kind in the face of adversities. With the ongoing terrorism brought about by fanatics of Islam, we are facing a new era that might lead to a religious war. And if the Catholics, being the majority in the world, will remain calm and composed, I guess the war will  not prosper into a world concern. Right now, those Islamic terrorists are terrorizing  mostly Islamic countries although they have starter creating trouble in France and Belgium.


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    Catholics are not a majority in the world, for better or worse, if you restrict the number you count as Catholics to actual practicing Catholics and not just people that were baptized the number is much smaller. Perhaps all christian denominations added together approach the numbers of members of Islam, which is about 1.6 billion people while Catholics are close to 1.2 billion. The Islam faith itself is divided among 2 large and several other smaller denominations, I don't know if they all consider themselves one large group.
  • Well the truth is that there are extremists for everything.  Throughout history you can pick out examples of any of these groups or religions having extremist tendencies and followers, so it is really nothing new.  I just think there is more shock value involved these days, and the audience is wider and news reaches more people.  Interesting to think about, though, and thanks for sharing.
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