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Spiritual Warfare

Do you believe we are under spiritual warfare? Do you believe there is a battle going on in the spiritual plane, between demons and angels, fighting for our souls? 

A lot of people say we are now in the end times and all these things will be more evident, that times are getting worse. 

I remember at one time in my life I felt extremely attuned to things. I was at an open house and the realtor just seemed off, he couldn't look me in the eye, it was like he was twitching, his energy was just unsettled, muddled, and affected. I remember thinking that he was being assaulted by demons and was losing the battle.  I know that sounds whacko! but it was just a crazy thought I had looking at him. Who knows?


  • Well, I don't know for sure... We don't for sure. But maybe that is happening. We just cannot know until like you said, we're at the end of times. However, I know that no matter what happens, there still is something after this life. And we're not just here because we're here, we're here for a reason. And maybe that reason is to become the person God wants us to be. I just hope that the angels and demons won't be needing to fight for our souls in the end. Because we have done enough to claim that eternal life that God wanted to give to us.
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    I believe we are in a sort of hell and we are presently experiencing armageddon - the royal battle between good and evil. You will notice that there are so many lucky people who are rich and/or in a high position but who are not deserving of such because they are evil - be they government official, celebrity or even rich businessmen. But why do they succeed? Because of the devil who manipulates the way for those bad people to be successful in life.
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    @corzhens that is interesting that you say the people are successful because of the devil.  I too think that allegiance to the devil can bring some great wealth and success on the material plane. I think there is a "secret" to this life, and when you figure it out, you can do as you please. However I think that leads you down the path to think you are as a "god" yourself, and you can materialize whatever you want, and therefore have no need for the real "God", which then leads you further into the arms of the devil. 
  • We are always at war. Do you not feel that battle within you and around you? Its like that caricature where an angel is sitting on one shoulder and a demon on the other. You are always at war and spiritual warfare is a real thing. Think of all the ways and means that are offered to tempt you, to do things that may provide temporary pleasure but have the power to ruin you in the long run. Think of the people in show biz who try to tell you that all that they have you should have, but when you look closely, their lives are nothing but empty lies. We are always at war. The stronger a countries faith, the stronger the country.
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    I believe there is a war going on for souls. We cannot see it but it's happening. We still have many questions that need answers but I think maybe some things are best left to that time when we can handle it. I don't have answers but I accept the teachings of the bible that say continue to pray and watch. I also believe the Holy Spirit is here to play a crucial role in shoring up our own spirits when we feel like giving up and not feeling close to God. 
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    This is indeed and interesting question and it's something that I have lived in some way or another. I've spoken to friends from different denominations about this (all range among Protestant to Catholic) and I've discovered that Protestants, especially those from some denominations in the United States tend to over emphazise a spiritual warfare. In which it's a must to always wear a spiritual armor and be praying all time. Some even go as far as that you have to share at every moment and every time God's plan of salvation. Ordered by their spiritual leaders they must communicate this plan in the form of 4 laws to pray, accept, believe and thus having the reassurance that your soul has been saved. Some even go as far as to identify possible demons and negative spiritual influences that could affect anyones life, mostly are names that can be found in the Bible.

    What I've found though, and this I tell you with uttermost respect, is that sometimes these friends where sort of  brainwashed to believe of an excessive spiritual battle-reality and were starting to interpret things as a sign of the devil or the end of times. I believe that everydays struggles might simply be things that happen in life and that we must learn to surpass and keep going on in our lifes after all the difficulties. For that we have God's constant love. Those friends I talk about would benefit of looking at life's beauty, that same beauty that God has created and at problems or difficult people just as that. 
    Sometimes I think that some religious institutions want to make you fear anything just so they can have better control of you. God on the contrary, while having norms of conduct is more loving and perhaps more inclined to share blessings to our lifes than adding the burden of spiritual battles where we must participate in order to have a part in His divine mercy. Hasn't Christ already beaten evil and given us a chance to enjoy multiple blessings here and in the world to come?
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    One friend recently said that what is happening now in the world is a clash between good and evil. Clearly, she is referring to armageddon. But like in the movies, the terrorists are having a heyday in wreaking havoc to the once peaceful nations and they even are successful in invading Syria and Iraq plus some other countries in Africa. And ISIS said they are doing it for their religion. Too much violence for their religious activities, huh.

    So what is your take on that?
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    If we are living Armageddon I think that then we are living it since the fall of the Roman peace more than a thousand years ago, do you think the world is less peaceful now than say, 1941?.

    I have to agree with David on this one, this "end of times" view is much more prevalent among Protestants, they are much more concerned with this eschatological matters than most Catholics, but not as much as Jehovah witnesses that basically predict the end of the world with an exact date every few years.

    This whole concept of the rapture as interpreted by American protestants is completely alien to the education that I had as a Catholic going to a Catholic School, specially this notion of people being left behind. Actually, this doctrine of a pre tribulation rapture is relatively recent, since it originated in 1830 on puritan circles.
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    The battle is indeed between good and evil - but more so in the supernatural world. As Ephesians 6:12 says, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. "

    So what do we do? Read the next verses! :)
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    My take on the warfare between good and evil is already existing even before the universe was created. My belief in the good and evil can be like the Yin and Yang of the Chinese to mean positive and negative. That is the balancing act of the creation that there should be an equilibrium with the good and evil.

    In life we also see the presence of good and evil but they are minor when you take into consideration the good and evil in the entire universe.                                  
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    Well I think that the spiritual warfare has been going on for quite some time now, ever since evil existed when God started creating spirits and the solar system. It is an ongoing battle until the new heavens and new Earth finally happen.
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