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Praying for a country

Do you believe in praying for a country or a place? When Paris was attacked by terrorists last year, the social media was flooded with posts about praying for Paris. Do you think God would listen to that plea? And are those posting those prayer request sincere or just copying the posts?

I believe that God looks at us individually and He also looks at our countries. But praying for a country is not valid to my belief because a country has varied people in it. When an individual prays and he deserves then it is easy to say that the prayer should be granted. But how can you grant a prayer that would also benefit the devils?


  • I certainly pray for the whole world and why not? Those who are not guided by the light of God, need to be guided and helped and aided. Those who are less fortunate should always figure in our prayers and we should, by our actions, try to aid them as much as possible.
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    If anything, your prayers should go for everybody and specially the wicked, so they can find their way back to the light. Remember Jesus' teachings, try to re read the Parable of the Lost Son for more insights into this.

    It is always better to help a group of people even if bad people get some benefits too than to avoid helping or punishing a group of people because you don't want to also benefit a few rotten apples, if you do this, innocents will suffer.
  • I think praying for a whole country stricken by a tragedy or even a terror attack is very helpful. You pray for the people who were affected by the incident. You also pray that these crime makers realise the severity of what they have done. And although it benefits the whole country, even the terrorists, I would still do it. Who knows if just a prayer can help enlighten the minds of these terrorists in the end. 

    Of course, I pray mostly for the innocent people affected by the tragedies. It is very unfortunate to see children and the elderly being injured or even dying because of these incidents. And praying for their families can also help lighten the load that they have in their hearts.
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    I always pray for my country, and why not? God listens to prayer but He alone knows the best time to respond to one's prayer. He can bless a whole country by sparing it from natural disasters, increasing its harvests, or inspiring its people to be creative and inventive. There are just so many ways for God to help a country. 
  • This is a straight forward question to those who do not question existence of God. I am not sure that my small mind can say it believes in God but if we say I do believe I am just wondering is he asleep or just angry at us. I would say it is the latter because we are destroying everything around us. I am not sure prayers are spot on because we honestly do not deserve the  planet we live in. I am being realistic here because I don't see this will stop until we all dissapear.
  • God said "seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you", I trust God and His words. A prayer that is said wholeheartedly will never be a wasted prayer. Will God listen? I think He will. In reference to Sodom, God said, "If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake." To me, God cares about the faithful.
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    To be frank I don't believe that we should be praying for other people much more of a country. When there was the calamity in Nepal there were posts in social media of a quotation to pray for Nepal. Do you sincerely believe that God would save the people in Nepal because you prayed for that country?

    My take on praying is only for yourself. You have no dominion of the life of other people. When you pray for yourself you may be rewarded. 
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    God is not someone who will listen to our petty grievances. God's creation runs on autopilot. God does not have direct interference with what goes in the world. He is too mighty to care for human's pathetic desires. 
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    Well I think there's nothing wrong in praying for a country, it is beneficial and an act of good deed, so I don't think the devil will benefit from praying for a country to be safe.
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