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Do you believe in the Supernatural?

Do you believe in the supernatural? Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

I know in Christianity there are saints, angels, demons, and a battle going on for our souls. Do you believe these ideas are symbolic, or do you do believe that the supernatural world is a reality?


  • Yes, I do believe in the supernatural. I believe in ghosts, angels, demons and all other creatures. But as for me, I've never had any supernatural experience. 

    But that doesn't mean that I cannot see their relevance. For me, the world is just too vast and big to only hold us in it. There are entities that are in it that we cannot see. Perhaps, only those who are in the same position can see them. 
  • I strongly believe in the supernatural. I believe in the entities on the physical plane as well as the spiritual. Because we can't see them does not mean they do not exist. Every religion shares many aspects of things more than the eyes can see. I don't support the notion they are more powerful than we are as I think we really don't understand our own purpose and from where our own authority rises. So we often give in to fear. The battle for our souls would make an excellent topic.
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    I believe that life is a mystery and life in this world is filled with mysteries. First is God, the biggest mystery of it all. And when supernatural is talked about, I have to believe although I cannot explain. There are so many incidents in my life that runs against logic but it happens and we treat it as supernatural. The simple "blessing in disguise" where you missed the plane that later on would crash, that's already a supernatural event for me.

    In Catholic teachings, supernatural is accepted but in a different plane. Like the thing called miracle, it is a supernatural phenomenon. And to be proclaimed a saint, the beautified should make at least 2 miracles.
  • I really keep my mind open for this things. I do believe that what we see is not everything there is. We are too undeveloped to see these things although we like to say we are progressive with our smart bombs and killing machines. I had some strange experiences that I cannot explain and they involve seeing people that are dead or just died. Not seeing them but seeing something that is making you so sure it is that person in the room. It was a glimpse, an impulse of electricity, whatever but I felt a presence in the room and I was the only one there. 
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    As a catholic, I can't believe in the idea of a Ghost, at least not as spirit that stays on our plane and can somehow communicate with the living, not until the final judgment comes. If you die simply to become a wandering spirit roaming earth endessly then I don't see how you can reconcile that with the idea of salvation trough Jesus Christ.
  • Having lived in an actual haunted house (my room was the one that had the most hauntings) I believe in everything that is supernatural. Everything. When people say, "oh balderdash", I usually point them to the Bible. But, even then people do not believe, so then I try to let them experiment on their own. I don't believe that such experimentation is warranted although in some cases, God himself lets people know of his existence in ways that are absolutely fascinating.
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    @djcatholic, how did you know the house was haunted? And what do you mean you let people experiment on their own? How? I am just curious. I never used to believe in things like that but nowadays I am staring to think all those things can be true. 
  • Hmm.. it all began when we changed the interiors of the place. It was an old like pre-wwII house. So, obviously it needed changes. Once the changes had been made, at night I would sleep in my room and hear heavy breathing.

    For a few days I thought I was just imagining things. And then I started thinking that maybe the sound came from my parents' room which was right next to mine. But, I checked and realized that there was no way the sound of one of my parents snoring could travel through the wall.

    Then I asked my brother to sleep in the room with me. That night, we both heard the breathing sound. We first ran to our parents' room to check if one of them was breathing heavily. Then we returned to our room. Lied down and started hearing the same breathing sound again. When we would switch on the light, the breathing would stop. When we switched it off, the breathing would start.

    From then on, things just got crazier. Like, things would disappear from the cupboard and then come back again. One fine day, my brother and I were asleep in that room. Why did we continue to sleep their? We were teens and it was fun to experience that sort of stuff. But, that day, my brother suddenly woke up and saw something standing right next to his bedpost. He tried to turn the light on, but this thing scratched him before he could do it and when the light turned on, the thing had disappeared. He screamed and I woke up.

    BTW, we had been telling our parents our experiences but they just wouldn't believe us. But, that day, they came into the room. Say 3 nail marks scratched on my brothers arm and realized that something bad was in there.

    We got the place cleansed, blessed, and everything multiple times. Each time this thing would return. After my dad saw something that tried to choke him, we immediately moved out.

    When I say, I let people experiment on their own, I mean people should stop believing that something doesn't exist. They should try it out. I used to organize such excursions but now I have become smarter and more mature. But all I say is, go out there and experiment.

    Forces that are good and evil exist out there and they don't think you're exempt just because you don't believe in them! So, if you hear about a place that's haunted(non-violent place) and you're a non-believer, why not head there and see what the fuss is about. Carry articles of faith with you too. Once you experiment yourself, you'll hold the Bible a little closer to your heart and realize how much power God has over all these things.

    The greatest damage to faith has been done by "Psychics" and authors claiming to be what they are not. Why would you ever need to ask someone what lies in your future if you have faith in God? Christian Meditation is a great way to experience everything. A friend of mine predicted the Tsunami with a lot of accuracy, but he didn't declare himself Psychic. He was going to Indonesia on a vacation but he was just lucky because even though he didn't believe his dream, he still missed the flight. And after the Tsunami, he believed in a lot more than just dreams. 
  • @djcatholic

    Goodness, your experience in that house is like a horror movie! I would have immediately moved the first time I've heard the heavy breathing. I'm just happy that nothing serious, like an injury or a possession, happened to any of you. I guess that house can never really have its own owners because its inhabited by a ghost already. I wonder though why even with blessing the house the ghost still won't leave. Hmm...

    To be honest, I am much too much of a coward to even go to a real haunted house. I doubt I can even enter the place even with someone with me. But you're right though, experiencing such things can really strengthen your faith in God. 
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    I don't put stories like these aside and I agree that if it has not happened to you does not mean that it does not exist. There is a spiritual side even though we cannot see it. If we had a fear chance of seeing them and putting up a good fight that might have been okay. Thank God for his grace and angels watching over us to protect us from forces of evil warring for our souls.
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    I absolutely believe in the supernatural. In fact, there are a lot more going on in the supernatural world than we might think. Ephesians 6:12 tells us that the battle is not between flesh and blood, but against the powers of darkness and spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places. Angels, demons - they are real. 

    @arthnel I thank God too, His guidance and grace is more than enough to keep going
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    @djcatholic wow that sounds like quite the experience. I hope you found a peaceful home since then. Thanks for sharing your story. 

    What is Christian meditation? I'm not sure I've heard of it, and quite honestly I've been wondering lately if meditation in general is good or not, in Christian terms. I am not certain I can trust my experiences during meditation, and I wonder if I should just not be having them. 

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    I tend to go in phases when it comes to my belief in these things.  I remember when I was a kid I absolutely believed in them though, and I was often scared of creepy places and things of that nature.  Since getting older, though, I just naturally start to question more, but you cannot help but be intrigued by some of the things we see.  Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
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    I am always a skeptic when it comes to things that are our of logic. However, when it comes to supernatural I believe that there is a sense of logic with the mystery. It hard to explain but I will stand pat on my belief that supernatural things happen for a reason. It's not the ghost nor the other hideous creatures. Maybe let's say the angels. Yeah, they are creatures that we cannot see but they can be present without us seeing them. 

    Supernatural is in another dimension that it is so difficult to obtain a proof.
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