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Religious Head Coverings

Have you noticed that many religious leaders or devout people in many different religions wear some sort of head covering? Do you know the symbolic or real reason that so many religions feel it is important to cover the crown of the head? 


  • For Christians, the head covering is to distinguish between men and women. It is seen as a woman's submission to the male authority. For the religion Islam, the women wear hijab. And this hijab is meant to protect a woman's privacy, morality and modesty. For those in Judaism, married women wear shpitzel to be modest as well. 

    I'm not sure, but is this what you're referring to? Or are you referring to the priests who have some cap on their head?
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    You bring up some good examples of women's head coverings. I was more thinking of mens head coverings, like various skull caps, turbans, crowns, etc. 

    I have read somewhere that some religions (Judaism?) says it is to remind you that God is above you.  Also that a righteous man should not walk a few feet with his head uncovered. And I just wonder why?  What is about the head that needs to be covered? And why do most religions choose to cover the head in someway? Is there a common thread or just random coincidence? 

  • Hmmmm...I read that the bible specifically states that men should not wear head coverings in time of worship. So with regards to the priests' skull caps, I only see them wearing this in ceremonies outside the church. I think it's just merely a part of their uniform.

    For the religion Judaism, it is merely to show that they are servants of God. So it's right about what you said, to remind them that God is above them.
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    From my learning in the Catholic religion, the head cover is a sign of respect for God. As per the Bible, women should have a long and thick crop of hair as cover of their head. For Catholics, it is not a rule to grow the women's hair long but should be wearing a veil when inside the church. Other religions like Islam have the burqa for the women's head and the purpose is the same as Christians.
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    I wear hats because it shades me from the suns UV rays.  I also look more handsome with it on.  That's what I was told anyways.  Covering your head is a way to keep the sun out of your eyes, or to catch the sweat coming off of your brow.  Religion may have taken it to new levels and made it symbolic and a part of rituals, but I think it's just silly.  
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    The Pope is a Bishop, the Bishop of Rome, so he uses a Mitre, that's the name of the hat. It actually is a continuation of the Judaism Temple tradition for priests to use it, there are even different types of mitres for different occasions from the "simplex" to the "pretiosa" for the most important rites.

    By the way, in the past some military uniforms have included mitres.
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    When I was young I remember that it was forbidden for a woman or girl to enter the church without a veil. That is the standard and it is a shame if the woman has no veil. But now it seems to me that the veil is not being used anymore except in some churches in the provinces. Maybe the priests now have been too relaxed with the rules that they don't enforce the tradition anymore. 

    For me, the veil should be worn by any female that enters the church. It is the symbol of reverence for God. The Muslims are better because the women were a head cover and the male elders have the white cap over their head.
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    The head covering worn by women in various religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, even Hinduism is subjugation of women. The male priest in the ancient times promoted male chauvinism and nothing else.
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    I read that religious hats symbolise modesty and their commitment to God and their beliefs, like a testament to their faith.
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