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Priesthood for a son

There is a saying that when your son becomes a priest, you have already paid your dues and paradise will be waiting for you. In the olden days, parents would spend a fortune just to have a priest in the family. But it's not a very attractive prospect now since most parents want to see their grandchildren particularly if they have only 1 child and that is the son who can become a priest. Besides, a priest cannot take care of his elderly parents. That is the reason why most parents do not encourage their sons to become a priest.


  • I do not think if that saying is real. I have seen worse people who have their sons as priests and i really do not think that when they die the gates of heaven will be readily open for them. Though priests are regarded with respect in the society, most parents do not want their children to go down the same road because of obvious reasons that i find inappropriate to mention. 
  • Hmmmm...I've never heard of this saying before. We really don't have any priest in the family. And I guess, what if the parents are criminals? If they had a son that is a priest, would all their sins be erased? It's a nice thought but somehow, I think, if that's the case, it's unfair. 

    I think we should be judged by what we did, how we lived our lives and all those things. Not because our son is a priest, or because we have someone in our family who is in church. 
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    I can kind of see how there would be that belief. It is similar to the Virgin Mary being holy, she was chosen by God to bring Jesus into the world, so how can you not say she is special in the eyes of the Lord? This might be the same as bringing forth a priest as a son, somehow God choose you to bring him into the world, therefore he must see you favorably as well. Who knows? It may all be possible. 
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    That's how it worked in the all days and it is a terrible idea, you should become a priest because you heard the calling inside of you, not because you family expected it and basically forced you into it, this resulted in a lot of priest that actually lack the vocation and devotion required for such an important position.

    Please don't force your child, if priesthood is for them, they will hear the calling.
  • I have never heard of that if your son is a priest thing, but that is interesting, and probably a little outdated, but I could be wrong.  That said, I agree that it is not really the most prestigious or high-ranking title as it maybe once was, or an attractive option as a career choice, but that makes me curious to see what is being done about it, if anything.  Thanks for sharing.
  • Well, looking at common sense, most teenage boys like girls and so being a priest wouldn't be an attractive option as they couldn't get married.  In addition, unfortunately, beng a priest has a negative image of being associated with homosexuality and child molestation. However, I realize that only a minority of priests are homosexuals and/or pedophiles.
  • Priesthood is a special vocation, a calling from God that you can neither deny or assume. There is nothing in the bible that says you will go straight to paradise if your son becomes a priest because salvation is an individual thing. Not so many teenage boys will like to remain celibate, humble themselves like Jesus did, and be subject to what many perceive to be a conservative organization. That is why it is a unique calling that is only for the very few.
  • I don't think that many people really think about their Sons or Daughters entering the church anymore with regard to grandchildren. I do think though that any parent who had a child who wanted to enter the church would probably encourage them to do so. If they don't want their child to enter the church because they only had one child then that is selfish. There are many ways that elderly folk can get help and the assistance that they need in the later years so it is not necessary nowadays to have the children do that.
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    I respect priests and I see them as sacrificing their life for religion. But for me, I wouldn't like my son to be a priest because the life of a priest is not easy. It is painful for the parents to see their son languishing in the seminary to prepare for the priesthood. They are humans and priests are not human in nature. That is what I don't like in the life of a priest. It is a big sacrifice. 
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    In old times parents spent a fortune to make their son a priest due to two reasons: one a priest can enjoy luxury, two the priest has infinite power, even a control over the rulers. We can see the remnants of that reality in the Pope (forgive me if I am being rude)
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    I really wouldn't interfere if ever my son (if I have one) would want to become a priest, it's a calling that I would support. I don't want any children anyway, so it really wouldn't affect me at all if that's his decision.
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