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What kind of afterlife do you believe in?

Even if we have the same religion and grew up in the same teachings, I know that we have varying imaginations of what afterlife is. For me, I think we will be communing as spirits where there is no more pain or sufferings but we can still feel the good things just by thinking about it. Like when we remember the joy of taking a vacation in the beach resort, it can be a reality to feel just by imagining it. And about God, we will be directly connected to God since our spirit communes with all living beings in that dimension.


  • I am really thankful that you posted this. The afterlife for me is a reunion of sorts. Reuniting with those lost loved ones and being together with God. No more sickness, pain and death. It's like being teleported to the Enterprise in Star Trek, God is Commander Kurt, Jesus is like Spock (friendlier version), instead of it being all lights and control panels, evergreen trees, green grass, bubbling brooks, cuddly tigers, purring lions, a sun that does not set, blue skies (or whatever color) and all the wonderful things that you can only imagine... God will be there and He will say, "Welcome Back, Son." Good job! Jesus will be there of course, and you will be surprised how nice and cool he is... and He will say or in my version, do a flying hi-five and a hug, saying "I knew you'd make it!, Yeah! (fistbump) It might just be  a wild  fantasy, I mean, since nobody from the other side has come back and reported it yet, but you never know, right? Nobody knows. And when it comes to the afterlife, God knows! And to Him, anything is possible, it might be a crazy dream to some, but to Him... It's not only possible, it is something to wait a lifetime for.
  • I am thinking of a life without having our bodies. Where you can see almost everything without having eyes. I am thinking of my afterlife being simple whereby there be no need of moving because everything will be available near me. Think of a life without food, you will be always full.
  • I always believe that there is no afterlife. When someone dies, his/her life stops at that point. I would support my answer if given the chance to. The theory of judgment and a happy life after death does not make sense at some point though it is what most people believe in. 
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    @Charlie_Black I think if you research near death experiences, or people who have been dead for a few minutes and came back to life, you would see they all have stories of continuing consciousness, while supposedly dead. Also many people have stories of leaving their bodies in hospital beds and looking down at themselves from above. 

    I really don't have any idea of what the afterlife holds, but I am pretty certain things continue on, you leave the material plane and enter into the spiritual.
  • I really can never think of the afterlife being just a dead-end. Just nothing at all. Full stop. Life itself is too complex and precise and because we don't know for sure what's going to happen does not mean we are to say it all just stops in total black and void. I'm not sure about heaven or hell yet or whether our spirits are going to be roaming in an invisible realm til judgement day comes in 10 million more years. Until then I will every moment in my earthly life.
  • I just wish we have a clear answer for this, but we don't. As for me, I believe in an after life where all pain, sufferings and material things seize to exist. We won't have our physical bodies anymore but we will have our eternal bodies. One where we're beyond physical life and all those things, where we can live peacefully and happily. I don't know exactly how it looks or where it is, but I sure hope it exists.
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    Energy is never destroyed or created.  It is simply transferred.  The human body gives off charges of electricity.  So my guess is that out life force or energy is released back into the ionosphere where it is recycled and used up in whatever way nature uses it to complete the circle of life.  

    There is no white man in the sky waiting for us.  No cloud city.  No red man with a pitchfork underground either.
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    The only thing that I know for sure is that I don't know, we as humans are notoriously bad when it comes to decide what will really make us happy, that's why I feel that I lack the capacity to think an afterlife that's better than anything that God has planned for me, so I don't bother with stuff like this.
  • Well, If there's an afterlife... sure, it's pretty much different from all those ones pictured in religious writings. I don't believe that somebody will get punished for their actions considered as "sins". Animals do that all the time and that's the way they live their life. First humans on Earth were doing the same thing until they came to realization that it's not that good to just copy animals. That's how the whole "culture" thing came to be.

    I hope there's something good after we are done as who we are now. We'll definitely see. Don't rush. Life is worth living before you know "the answer". 
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    According to the Bible, there is life after death which is eternal life and it has been given to everyone who believes in Him, and there is death after death which is the second death, eternally placing unbelievers in the lake of burning sulfur which is Hell. 

    tl;dr I believe there is life of pure joy and happiness and death of eternal pain and torture in the afterlife
  • This is a tough one. I have moments when I think there is no afterlife. When you die you are buried 6 feet under and thats it. Then I have my "magical days" when I believe I will be reunited with my loved ones who have passed. 
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    Jesus said that in the afterlife, should we be judged worthy of eternal life, we will be like angels in heaven. We will not be accounted for as wife/husband of someone, and following the analogy, we will probably not be accounted for as son, daughter, sister, mother, or father. Rather, we will all be spirits and children of God. I assume that we will be in a place that is so peaceful and happy and where there are no worries, problems, or sickness. 
  • I think that we go through some kind of reviving where we are in some other body and we are not fully aware of the past life but we have some glimpses like some of us think they do already. Me for example, I have had several interesting situations where I couldn't explain how I knew things. I also had numerous deja vu encounters and I dream of things and places I have never seen in my life, speaking in some odd language that I cannot figure out. It sounds like some old dead language but maybe I am very creative guy :)
  • I think the afterlife for good people, as described by Catholics, is too good to be true.  Well, deep down, I think it's true, but it's hard to accept.  Anyhow, ultimately, I think everyone will eventually go to heaven, even though that's not a traditional Catholic teaching.  In retrospect, I agree with the Christian Universalist view that an endless hell, and one that is painful for that matter, contradicts God's loving nature.
  • I'm not sure when the day of judgement will be, but I think that when we die our soul, or life force goes into another body at a new birth. I think that we take our sins with us to the next life and have those things done back to us for us to learn more lessons. I believe this scenario carries on until we reach a point where we don't have any more lessons to learn. On the last day, when Jesus comes on the clouds, all of us left will be joined with all those who have died before us and we will all be judged at the same time. At that point I think some of us will go to heaven and some to a fiery hell, depending on our behaviour.
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    I have to be honest that I am confused when it comes to afterlife. Christians have the heavens, Buddhists have the reincarnation and with some other religion I really don't know their views. In other words there is no uniformity when it comes to the afterlife. For me that is simply guessing and that notion makes me scared. What if there is no afterlife?

    I am hoping that the Catholic view of heaven is true. 
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    I believe in the Hindu concept of samsara. Samsara means this world where we are born, where we live and where we die. When we die, is that the end? Not exactly, death is not the end it is beginning of another life as the soul escape the dead body and looks for another new body to evolve s another human being.
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    I think that the afterlife that exists is very surreal and everything that we could ask for would be able to come true, because with the Lord, everything is possible.
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