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The proper place for being religious

I know of some people who never miss to mention God in whatever way they can. It like being obsessed with God that sometimes I get the impression that it is hypocrisy already. Being born and raised as a devout Catholic, I believe that there is a place and time for everything and that includes God. Mentioning God all the time would project a crazy mind that we look like being detached from the real world. Particularly those fundamentalists who say they talk to God all the time, I wonder if God had talked back to them.


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    I know what you mean. I used to get very irritated when people would do that, most especially people who would say they were "blessed". I felt like, what, your blessed? So I'm not? Or aren't we all? All that kind of talk seems very Baptist or non-denominational Christian to me, like bragging about their special place with God.

    Now I live in a different area with more Catholics, and I really love when they mention God. It is never mentioned in a bragging way, but more in a humble thankful way, or mentioning of submission to his will. This type of talk I find really heartwarming and I feel much more connected to these people who speak of God in a meek and humble way. 
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    I'll never get tired of saying God and talking about him and praising him because that's what God wants me to do. I want God to be a part of my life and I am thankful for everything that comes my way - be it a blessing or a challenge. That is not hypocrisy at all. God is never in a box or in a certain time frame - He is everywhere.  It's not just the fundamentalists that do that. Catholic renewal and charismatic groups do that, too. 
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    I also wonder why some people seems to be obsessed in mentioning God all the time. It is annoying to hear it in a public bus that a woman would always say the same thing over and over. I agree that there is a place to pray and also a place and time for God. We cannot go on living with God in our mind all the time. We are not in heaven and we should abide by the culture of man. 

    No offense meant. This is just my opinion. 
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    Those who are obsessed about Gods and talks about Gd too much are either hypocrites or are disillusioned people. God has nothing to do with our life. We live a good life not because God has been merciful to us or live a bad life because God is not happy with us. managing our life is too mundane for God.
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    Well if I were you I really wouldn't mind them, I think that if they mention religion too much it's either they are very devout, or from my experience, pretending to be devout colors of Lord and are hiding their true followers.
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    I believe religion is a personal matter. Just like your underwear is your own and you don't share your underwear with anyone else, religion is also too personal matter, It should be kept inside you. Maybe you find my example awkward, but you need to understand 99 percent trouble in the world is due to religion.
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