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Catholic View on Chinese Medicine on Acupuncture

What are the church's views on Chinese medicine and acupuncture? Are they acceptable? Do they have a view on acknowledging and treating people's meridians? 

I have read on the internet that some Christians believe that those are belief systems of the devil. I don't know what to believe, as I do think there is a lot of value in Chinese medicine. But I don't want to do anything against the church, and I really don't want to do anything that will open me to unclean influences. 

Additionally, a lot of acupuncture points names make reference to ghosts, celestial and heavenly connections, etc. Do they know something we don't? 


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    I haven't consulted a priest about this but I'm sure acupuncture is okay with the Catholic church. What's not okay are the superstitions that come with some Chinese treatment like the ventosa glass where the glass are heated and then placed on the back of the person. It has some rituals involved. Maybe without the rituals, that ventosa treatment is okay. By the way, I know of a priest who used to undergo acupuncture. I just didn't have the opportunity to talk to him about it.
  • Chinese medicine has a big part in today's medicine, especially if we are talking natural remedies and medicinal plants that were the source of modern pharmaceuticals. Modern medicine would not have been what it is today without the help of such things.However, I do not think ancient Chinese medicine is prohibited by the Church. If the process of healing requires that the healer perform some incantations or magic words and stuff then, that is something that is in the realm of spiritism, which the Bible prohibits.
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    Something about acupuncture is questionable to me. I have heard of piercing the veil, or piercing the seal, and feel that can describe what an acupuncture needle does. Then I have read about the 7 seals in the Bible, and wonder if that relates to the chakras, and how they are not to be opened. Also I have read that Freemasons will pierce the heart (chakra?) with the point of a compass tip. Then funnily, I find that is all similar to what happens in the movie Frozen, where the girl is pierced in the head with an ice shard, and the trolls says, good thing it was not her heart... 

    maybe that all sounds like incoherent ramblings, but I think there are a lot of occult practices that involve piercing people with needles (voodoo dolls). It just makes me concerned if acupuncture is acceptable, or if any type of piercing with needles leads to the occult. 
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    What I know about Chinese Traditional Medicine is that it makes use of natural ingredients or plants to achieve healing. This is not so much different from natural healing with herbs that are being used in my country. I wouldn't call it an occult rite. The same thing is true with acupuncture which I don't subscribe to anyway. I think it will be an occult practice if there are some sort of ceremonies to achieve healing but I haven't heard of such in my place. 
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    I have experienced acupuncture twice. The first was in London done by a Korean doctor and the next was in the Philippines done by a Filipino faith healer. To be frank I really don't know if acupuncture is really effective although there are studies on pain management. 

    With the church I guess there is nothing wrong with acupuncture as long as the patient believes that he gets healed. However, the needles that are pricking your flesh is scary and also painful.
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