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Islam versus Christianity

There was a recent debate on cable tv that I saw which was about the probability of jihad (religious war) between Muslims and Christians. The argument is that Christians are generally tame and would not kill while Muslims are allowed to kill in defense of their religion. So what do you think would happen if that scenario comes along? I think the Muslims will win in the beginning but they will lose the war in the end because kindness never fails and it will win over violence.


  • Nobody will not want to defend themselves when danger approaches. Think of a priest hitting a Muslim with a rod, because he is defending himself. I think that both sides will try to pray to God to make them win the war. But I think that may never happen in the near future.
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    If it were to happen I am sure that Muslims would win here in the physical world. But I do not see how in the spiritual world there is reward for killing, unless you are answering to the enemy. 

    I truly can't even understand how "peaceful" Muslims can reconcile the idea of jihad and killing infidels. If one is truly peaceful, then they would use their rational mind to see this is inconsistent with virtues one should aspire to. 
  • There would be bloodshed and that is for sure. We Christians ourselves had our own taste of blood in the past. We will fight for what we think is right. Both sides will surely pray to God so that they would win, but only the Most High knows who the last winners are going to be. If that fateful day comes, that will be the turning point in history and that might end in the end of civilization (as we know it at least), but not the end as foretold in the Bible. Some things must need to happen first.
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    I don't think that Christians will be tame when the Muslims declare Jihad on them. It's not like we're going to allow our families to be butchered. Besides that, why would Muslims declare a jihad on Christians? Muslims, the real ones, are also peace loving people like most Christians. I think all Muslims are being unjustly lumped along with terrorists who are claiming to kill in the name of Islam.  
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