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Bibles made of paper Vs Bible App

It has become the norm in many churches today to use tablets which have a bible app rather than the traditional bibles. What is your preference?


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    Since I am from the older generation, I prefer the hardcopy of the Bible. But that is not to discount technology which is changing the landscape of the world. I'm sure the digital version of the Bible will be in fashion since it is easier to read and chapters are easier to locate plus some add ons like the search function and categorizing. Another thing going for the digital version is the ecological factor that it doesn't need paper which kills trees for that purpose.
  • I also prefer having any printed version, as a matter of fact I have a small collection of Bibles written in diverse languages. However technology makes it easier to access different versions of the Bible making it much easier to compare and contrast versicles. This is very convenient for any biblical study group. Perhaps having both options best. :)
  • I prefer my Bible on my Kindle, but there are many good reasons to stick with the traditional paper version. You can't write in the margins of a digital copy (although you can take notes but not as easily). I really like certain things in the digital version, though. You can put the cursor next to a confusing or ambiguous word and it will often be able to tell you the definition very quickly at the bottom of the page. You can highlight text and it will be saved in a separate document. There's a lot of cool stuff. 
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    Some young ones I saw the other weekend in the park were reading the Bible version in their mobile. At first, I thought it was some kind of a gathering but then I heard that they were citing the Bible in their conversation. When I inquired, they said that it is a Bible study being held in the park so as not to be boring. They have a point because the phone is portable and convenient than carrying the printed Bible.
  • I would rather have the Bible in paper, but if will get more people to follow the word of God in app form then more power to them. More and more things nowadays are being computerized, I think that by having the Bible in app form it keeps up with the times and it would be more appealing to generations to come.
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    Technology has certainly made everything so much easier, hasn't it? Including reading - the Bible as well as other books. For me personally, digital reading has no appeal. There's just no feel to it. It's the printed version for me any day! 
    But I do understand that digital is super convenient and can reach a much wider audience. And if that's what works for you, go for it!  
  • Technology does make it easier for books to be available to a larger audience. When it comes to the written Word, it is no different. Apps available nowadays makes it less tacky of uncomfortable for some people to carry a Bible around. I am not one of them of course, but like any other books in my shelf, I prefer the physical, old fashioned books--i just find them beautiful, the cover, the craftsmanship, the paper and ink--everything! I may be a product of a bygone age, but books--especially old ones are a treasure.
  • The world is changing and we should also adopt to new technologies. What we are interested in is the message and not the papers. Bible apps are the best nowadays since we do not need bags to carry them around. As long as the words are not tampered with then their is no problem.
  • The world is turning digital. Bible apps are the trending staff currently. Though they are considered a show off of wealth in my country, i really think they are necessary in this new era. I have one for myself and planning to download one for my mother too. 
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    Neither, I actually don't use a particular app, I simply use a search engine like google or something like that to locate one of the many sites that offer you the whole book. It is very easy and convenient, and, I know it is pretty dumb, but I don't trust apps anymore nor I feel like installing something on my devices unless it is absolutely necessary. If the Internet goes down I always have my hard copy.
  • Well just like school and everything else, I still need the physical copy.  I have been getting a little more tech friendly though, and I am using my table a little bit this semester, although that is mostly just because I do not have access to to a good printer like I have had in the past.  I still like the physical Bible to read, and I cannot see that changing soon.  Thanks for sharing.
  • I actually have both. I read my big bible at home while I use the bible app when I'm on the go. The big difference is the big bible has annotations and some explanations which facilitate more in-depth learning. I don't bring the bible with me because it is too bulky and I do most of my bible reading at home. I don't need it when I attend masses because the verses are read and heard by mass goers. 
  • I used to go along to a church that encouraged bible study and sold its own paperback bibles at a very reasonable fee. We were encouraged to actually write in our bibles when we were enlightened so I had one bible that was for best and another that was for study. My study bible had underlines and writing on practically every page which made it easier to find something. I had colour code pens where I could highlight different things with a key on the inside front cover. I loved my study bible and it went with me everywhere being small enough to take with me anywhere I went. I don't have a study bible at the moment, but I do have a bible that I use for best which I picked up from a charity shop for ten pounds. It is over three hundred years old and very heavy so I am not able to take it with me when I go away. I have a CD that has the bible on it and all the sacred texts that have been found. Although the CD is good for reading all the religious books, it's not the same as sitting in a comfy chair and having the book on your lap.
  • I like having a paper Bible.  I still have my Bible from Catholic school with my notes in the margins and words and verses underlined.  (And the silly notes I wrote in the blank pages when I was supposed to be paying attention in class!)  It's nice to have a paper book, even if it is a little heavy and big.  It makes it easier to flip through and look for a random verse when I'm having a hard day and need a little divine guidance.  I can't say I've ever been to a church that had their bibles on tablets, but then I like to go to the older churches.  I think paper Bibles are here to stay.
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    I am old fashioned so don't expect me to use the Bible apps that can be downloaded. Besides I do not want to be reading long articles online because of the glare of the computer monitor or the tablet screen. With the Bible it is nice to read in bed although it is not easy to hold the Bible for long. My arm gets fatigued.

    I hope the apps of the Bible are all the same in contents and there would be no major differences. 
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    I would consider using app instead of the printed book. However, I would not use the app if there are a lot of ads. I would prefer to pay for premium membership on the app if there are no ads. If the app has a community feature, that would be great.
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