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Pope Francis in Kenya.

The first stop over in Africa for The Pope was in Kenya. That is my country. We were so blessed to have him in our country. So many lives were touched. He is indeed a man of the people. His final speech before leaving Kenya was just marvelous. The main key issues were corruption and tribalism. He said corruption is everywhere, even in the Vatican there is corruption, but corrupt people don't live in peace. Oppressing the poor is also sin. God feels bad when the poor are mistreated.

Lets just hope our leaders will take hid on what the pope spoke about corruption because it's like cancer in Africa.


  • I am glad to hear that Pope Francis made his way to your country. I can only imagine how awesome it must have been to know he made an effort to come see your people. The words you mentioned him saying are very powerful. I hope your leaders take his words to heart and put your country on the right path.
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