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Pope Francis Is Heading To Africa

Pope Francis is heading to Africa this month. What should we expect from his visit? Will he address the issue about terrorism? Terrorists have recently shown how strong they are and how they easily evade the police. He will be going first to Kenya and then Uganda. Does he feel safe enough visiting the countries despite the fact that al shabaab have recently killed people there?


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    I hope Pope Francis will take up the issue of terrorism because it involves lives. With the Pope's charisma and popularity, he has great influence over the authorities there, from the nation's leaders down to the local government officials. With his security, let us pray that he would be safe from harm especially from the terrorists who are sowing violence not only in Africa but also in other parts of the world.
  • He is arriving in Kenya today. The Pope will stay there for three days before heading to Uganda. I am not sure whether he will visit The Central African Republic because the security situation there will determine. Hope he will finish his tour and get back to the Vatican safely. I am sure he will receive a hero's welcome because he deserves it.
  • It's very risky for a pope (or any politician) to visit countries with recent violent acts. However this shows the real human side that Pope Francis has. He cares about people living in so-so conditions and is doing a good job spreading the real message of Christianity which is love, understanding and faith. I don't think anything bad will happen to the Pope if he has a a tight security, I've read somewhere that more than 10,000 african officers will move to make sure the Pope has no security problems. Yes, we can pray and hope for him to be safe.
  • The safety of the Pope is only guaranteed by God, I hope he knows that. He always talks about security and radicalisation which has taken roots into today's societies. Terrorists can strike anywhere in this world, like what has happened in France. Nowadays domestic terrorism is on the rise meaning that even your own friend can betray you.
  • The Pope is well aware of the risks involved in any trip he goes on. I love his spirited approach in his role. I think he will be very cautious in addressing the issue of terrorism in terms of direct utterances, but we must remember this pope is no ordinary Pope. He's not scripted and he likes pushing at traditional boundaries. Acts of violence and terrorism will never deter this Pope from a trip. God himself would have to change his mind.
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    Pope Francis has never been the one to fear political and social issues and I'm sure the Vatican has closely guarded his safety. I wold like for him to talk about climate change, terrorism and modern day slavery but I think it's already in his itinerary. I'd follow Pope Francis anywhere.
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