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The Pope and the Islamic Jihadists

Can the Pope do something about the current issues of terrorism being initiated by the so called Islamists? As the most revered person on earth, the Pope has the most influence and I believe that any other religion has high respect for him. Is it possible to set up a dialogue for the Pope with the extremists in the Islamic State in Syria? As they say, violence is not the proper way to settle an issue so we might as well try a dialogue. No head of state will be respected by ISIS and I really think that only the Pope has the charisma for that.


  • I don't think that the Pope can sit at the same table with jihadists. Their ideologies are different from what the church teaches. Most of them want a political engagement than just prayers. For example, can the Pope agree with their idea of creating an Islamic state? It will mean that everything related to Christianity will not be tolerated. How will he convince them to drop that idea?
  • I lived in Egypt for nine years and while I was there I learned that the Christians there have a different Pope, one that is of the Coptic Church. Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country and to be honest, they don't care about what any Pope has to say. They are what they are and we can only hope that when Pope Francis makes a comment that they would listen. Sadly, they think that the Pope is the devil and make bad comments about all things that he says. I wish him luck in helping to deal with the situation, he's doing the best he can but I think it will have no effect on stopping the jihadists. I have read the koran, and it does state in black print on white paper that non believers must be killed, lied to, cheated on, stolen from and the rest of it. The only way to stop jihadists is to ban islam sorry to say. Even non-jihadists think that we are the devil, I know because I was called a devil every day for nine years because I am Christian and that was from everyday muslims.
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    Islamic Jihadists as you call them have never indicated that they want a dialogue. They're not kids or starry-eyed teens who will fall for a charismatic pope. Pope Francis will surely be killed by these people and they will be gloating about it. As far as I know, they aren't humans. 
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