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How Do You Pray

I just would like to know how you say your prayers to the Lord God to thank Him, to glorify Him and talk to Him. Personally, I say it in my own words and after which say "The Our Father," "Hail Mary," and "Glory Be." I pray like this:

Lord God, Heavenly King, Thank you for this wonderful day that you have given to us today. We also thank you for all the graces and blessings you shower unto us every day. We also pray O, Lord that you strengthen us to live through the trials everyday. We also pray, that you bless our families and friends who are not without us today, guide them and bless them. These we ask through Christ our Lord, Amen. 


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    I am used to praying the daily prayer " Our Father Who Is In Heaven..." I always do remember to pray for my family and friends. I do ask God to give me a healthy life so that I can live long. I think that we should also be praying for hard situations that we get through.
  • Definitely true Francis. The Lord's Prayer is indeed one of the most effective prayers because it is the prayer that was personally taught by the Lord Jesus Christ to us. It is also best to pray for our family, our friends and our peers. We should also pray for a long and healthy life and that we will be blessed with a sick free life all throughout and get through hard times all the time.
  • You know what the important part of prayer is? It's the asking. The Lord once said, Ask, and you shall receive. It is the part of the prayer where you ask the Father your intentions and dreams and worries. You give thanks of course, as well and call Him Father. Ask also for forgiveness, so you can be forgiven, but the important thing is ask.
  • When I pray I always thank the Father for everything he has given us. I ask him to bless my loved ones and bless everyone who needs help. I ask him for his forgiveness for all the everyday mistakes that I make.
    Praying is a very personal time for me, so that is all I am going to share.
  • Just like you guys, I start my prayer with giving thanks. After that I proceed with asking for forgiveness for the sins that I have done. Lastly, I tell the Lord about my aspirations and goals, and some details of the things that happen during the day. 

    In the morning, I often follow up the prayer with the reading the gospel for the day. Through reflection, the Lord guides me in discerning His teaching for that day. Then I think of ways how to incorporate it into my life. By doing this continuously, I am able to have a grasp of what it means to be a Christian. Having a personal connection with the Lord has also helped me become a stronger and wiser person. I hope your praying time will be meaningful as well!
  • Saying hail mary is not biblical and is blasphemy against Jesus Christ.
  • Usually as I lay in bed at night quietly, I pray. I start by saying all of the things I am thankful for. Then, I say what I am sorry for and ask for forgiveness. After that, I tell God anything else I am thinking: moments of courage, guidance, direction. My mother and I used to say Hail Mary and The Lord's Prayer every night when I was little. I still do that sometimes, but I mostly do that in church.
  • I pray when I wake up and right before I go to sleep. Generally, my prayers are nothing recited. I just talk outloud about anything and everything. 

    Also, there is nothing wrong with saying the Hail Mary. Everyone has the freedom to do their prayers as they please. 
  • I'm not Catholic so I don't do all the Hail Mary's and pre-written prayers. When I was growing up I was taught to clasp my hands and close my eyes and pray upwards, hoping that God would hear me. I know much more now, thank the Lord. I pray at anytime, anywhere, and I have even 2 days of my week where I pray on my knees out of reverence for God, knowing that He's around me and hears me all the time. I'm very straightforward with God and I tell him exactly what's bothering me or sometimes I just give him thanks. I do this all in the name if Jesus (very important in my god contact). When I'm done, I don't walk away and leave God to fix things. I'm very mindful that I take him with me because I need that kind of ongoing relationship. I'm still not perfect, but that's how I pray.
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    I pray like an amateur. I just pray with good intentions and blessings in my mind. I always pray for my family and friends. I try to be mindful and hope and thank as I should. I also add in some Hail Mary's and Our Father's into the mix. Repetition is prevalent in prayer as well as humility and thanksgiving.
  • I pray whatever I feel like praying for. I usually pray for everyone who may be going through something in their life (problems, war, discomfort, illness) and I try to be specific about it. I also base my prayers on current events who I feel need God's blessing (natural disaster, a death, etc). I'm not too keen on using the prayers unless I'm attending mass.
  • I think god gets bored with prayers that are constricting and rehearsed. No offense. Most of these prayers were developed in ages of Orders, Sects and Lodges and have just trickled down as tradition. Why should having a straight up conversation with God be considered secular? God never distanced himself from man in the first place. I read in book of Genesis when God would come down into the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day to talk with Adam about how things were going. That's not a God who kept distance from his most beloved creation.
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    Wait how is saying the Hail Mary blasphemy against Jesus Christ, I want the person who said that to explain this to me.  After all Mary was Christ mother and a chosen one of God.  Also we say this prayer in church and while we say the holy rosary, I suppose that is blasphemy too.  Sorry, to be defensive about this but that was a favorite  prayer of my mother who is now deceased, I was brought up learning it along with the Lord's prayer.  I recite them both each night.
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    I go to church every Sunday although sometimes I attend the so called anticipated mass on Saturday evenings. My going to church is one way of my praying.

    But at night, I pray to thank God for all the graces I have received for the day and for the graces I am about to receive on the next day. The Lords' Prayer is my normal prayer at night but it has some additions when I am facing a big problem.
  • For Muslims like myself, we should pray 5 times a day, as it is a pillar of Islam. However, in the modern wold,it is difficult to always make salat (prayer) on time.  For us, we must first do what's called "wudu". It is a ritual to cleanse the hands and certain body parts. We want to be clean when we address Allah. As for me, I have a prayer gown. It is important to keep these garments clean and free from animal hair or being touched by pets. For women, we are to cover our hair when we pray.  Usually we have a prayer mat, and try to pray in a room free from pets walking on the floor.  We face the Kabaa in Mecca, and we stand before our Lord, and give praise. We bow, and we kneel in sajood.  With our forehead touching the mat, we proclaim our servitude to Allah. The Muslim prayer is the most calming and meditation-like prayer I have ever known. It soothes the soul. This makes us feel humble before Allah, and reminds us continuously, that we are Muslims.  We have a different style of prayer, but in the end, we worship the same God as the Christians do. As a moderate, I have been pleased with Pope Francis, especially his socialist nature. I think he is more in line with the teachings of Jesus than any Pope before him. 
  • i am an Orthodox Christian and we have the list of daily prayers but i was told that we all have God in us, all we need is to believe. Sometimes i use the prayers we have or invent my own. I do not think it is important what you say as long as it is from your heart. Bigger problem is that we pray when we have problems and we want something, even the non-believers, i know they turn to God when nothing else there is. I usually say that i believe in him and ih his good will to help me if i deserved to be helped. I do have some problems in my life but i realize those problems are not big when i look around me. I am thankful for my health and i am waiting for love and true happiness. I believe he will find a way for me and that he will put his strength in me. That is basically what i say when i just want to get rid of the burden i am carrying.
  • I used to pray all in a very ritualistic manner with pre-written prayers and whatnot. I still consider them a nice way to communicate with God and admire many beautiful prayers such as Saint Francis of Assis's "Peace Prayer". 

    - Lord, make me an instrument of your peace...

    However, I find very appealing those cultures where people have a spiritual connection with the divine by closing their eyes and focusing all their being towards God. Somehow this is more closely related to the way that most mystics used to pray, in very "poetic" and natural way, as if there was a real "conversation" between God and that person. 

    Hopefully I never get to experience "mystical" related stuff (it would be too much in my opinion) but perhaps their way is the most profound way to do it. 

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    I prefer using my words, I don't really like to pray the traditional prayers because it often happens that I don't even think about what I am saying if I know the prayer word by word. I like to pray spontaneously in different times of the day whenever I want to thank or ask God for something!
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