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Do you ever thank God for unanswered prayers?

Sometimes, especially when we're young, we ask God for things we want, without understanding the ramifications of those requests. As I look around me, and also back on my life, these unanswered requests come to mind, and I'm often thankful that the things I asked for didn't come to pass. It could be as simple as a job I thought I wanted, that didn't turn out to be all that it seemed, or a relationship with someone who turned out to be better for someone else. 

How about you? Do you think back on past requests and thank God for not fulfilling them? 


  • Yes I do because I believe unanswered prayers would mean that God has other plans for you and that is the reason why a particular prayer is not answered. It does not also mean that God does not listen to our prayers, it is just that certain prayers are answered in different ways just as every question has a different answer depending on the situation we may be in. So let us do it now and let us thank the Lord God even if we feel our prayers were not answered.
  • Yes, of course. we pray and ask God for assistance and sometimes what we want, but the thing is, God answers back... and the answer is not always "yes." His answer is usually three or four things, I remember one priest told me in his homily one sunday. God's answers are "Yes, No or Wait" If things happen that you do not approve, just trust Him, because, he knows best, and He does. He is the master anyway. I pray thanks to Him just for Him being there and keeping us safe.
  • I don't believe there are ANY unanswered prayers. God either gives us a yes, no, or wait. He never puts us off.
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    I do thank God daily for giving me life. Even when my dreams have not been fulfilled, I have to thank Him. I hope that God will fulfil my dreams one day. I have learned to thank him daily in my prayers so that my day will be fine.
  • I agree with harpazzo22 and lamanlupa.  i believe that God does not leave us guessing when it comes to answering our prayers. It's just one of the three: Yes, No, Wait. God's plan is always the best and putting our trust in Him will help us be more patient and discerning of His answers.
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    God will decide whether we deserve what we want or others deserve it more. I think that if we always get what we want anyway, then life would have been meaningless and boring. I thank God for the things and opportunities that I have asked for but were not given. It is because of these unanswered prayers that I am now active in working towards my goals and in achieving the things that I desire. My life is so much more interesting now.
  • There have been times in my life, that if God would have answered my prayers, events in my life would of turned out completely different. Perhaps the outcomes would not have been the best for me, and I've thanked God for that. There are times that we ask things from God that can give us a temporary or quick fix to our problems, or help us solve our problems without leaning a lesson out of the situation. God knows though, what is best for each one of us and are personal journey.

  • There have been moments where I have thanked God for my prayers going unanswered. There are situations in our lives that need to go a certain way for the best possible outcome. I put my trust in the Lord to do what is best for me. Sometimes, I believe it takes my prayers going unanswered to yield the best results in my life. I am constantly being looked out for and he would never steer me in the wrong direction.
  • I've never directly thanked God for an unanswered prayer. I do quite often remind myself and actually say it to him that I remember his way of doing things may not be disclosed to me. I thank him in advance for listening and doing good works in my life. I always remember that most times I pray I have it all planned out in my head how I would deliver my own requests, but I think I'm wiser now to know that I just pray and let it go. God has a interesting ways of delivering, so I no longer get caught up in the how part. I pray and then detach, knowing something is going to happen.
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    Yes it really can't be helped since we're only human and imperfect so it's no surprise that we ask for dumb things and pray on it on the spur of the moment. But you should know that a prayer isn't a wish that could be granted just as easily. A prayer is a symbol of hope, meditation and devotion. I thank God for not answering some of the dumb prayers I did when I was younger because I thought that praying was the same as making a wish from a well. It's really not.
  • I like what Apollo said in regards to granting wishes. A prayer is not so much of a wish, but a way to honor God and give thanks. Not all prayers should be a means for us to ask for things. There are times that we need to show our devotion and give thanks for the things we have.
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    As a human, the thread's title is difficult to do. Why would you thank God for the disappointment? I don't think that is logical for a sane person. You can only be thankful for the graces and blessings. Maybe some people do that - thanking God for unanswered prayers but for me it doesn't sound logical enough.
  • An unanswered prayer is a way for the Lord God to say "wait" to us and that there may be other ways for our requests to be realized or that it is not yet the right time for a particular thing to be realized. We just have to believe in God and that he will provide for all our needs. So let us not be sad if our prayers are sometimes unanswered. It is only that God may have other plans for you or for me. Thank you and more power to all of us.
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    I've never thought of thanking G-d for unanswered prayers but I think that it would be a unique form of prayer to the Most High. What a beautiful idea o praise him for not giving us all of the foolish things we want that do not even fit into any semblance of balance G-d has for our lives. I've never thought of thanking Jesus for unanswered prayers before, but Thank You CatholicChick for this unique post. I will start.
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