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Hatred for the Pope

A news reporter was caught with her mic on saying "I'd like to throw my show at him". Him being the Pope. The hatred for Catholics is still alive and well in the USA it seems.


  • Or maybe she's not hating, she just sees through the puppet show. Besides, reporters know more about the masters in power than any little brainwashed American does. She knows better than to get into all the worship of a man.

  • Hatred or purely hate should not be shown in any way and more so with the public watching you. This should not be and considering the fact that she is facing the pope, she should have the highest respect. Respect and kindness should be shown and not hatred and this apply to all people from all walks of life.
  •  The Pope is just a man. He is not God incarnate, as Jesus is. Maybe the reporter just didn't like him personally. That doesn't mean she hates anyone. Who was the reporter, btw?
  • The pope, like their president is a foreign dignitary to say the least, and with that, deserves all the respect. He represents the church, and the last time I checked, Roman Catholics still count as one of the largest religions in the United States. Respect the guy, he brings no guns, no bombs, just a message of hope and goodwill.
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    Nobody should hate. There is absolutely no reason to fill your mind full of hatred. For the lord encourages you to love your enemies. It does not matter who the person is, or what their history is, you must respect them. Although that person may ask you for help on something, even though they may have burnt your house down, you still help that person achieve their goals.
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    The lord teaches us to love our brothers and sisters without regard to their past. Although the Pope may not do things "the right way" or teach the Bible in the way that you think it should be taught, does not mean that you, by any means, should have a single drop of hatred toward the Pope. The Pope may be more entitled to the his status rather than the needs of the people. The best way to help the Pope, is to pray for him, as well as the people in need that are not receiving his help.
  • Why do people hate such a lovable and kind Pope? I guess haters cannot be avoided if People are well known and this include the Pope. I think the Pope must do his best to turn these haters into lovers of the Pope. And I think this is not far from happening owing to the nature and charisma of our beloved Pope.
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    Every religious group experiences some form of hate/discrimination. Ignore it, pray for those who hate, and rise above.
  • It doesn't have to be all or nothing. She doesn't have to hate both the Pope and the Church. It could be that like many, she doesn't like the Pope, while still caring about, or respecting what the Church itself stands for. Even a lot of Catholics don't like Pope Francis, because of his more liberal views and actions. Regardless, she acted in a very unprofessional manner, and should be reassigned if she's going to have that attitude. 
  • I don't understand why that reporter would have such hate in her heart towards Pope Francis. Even if the reporter is not a religious person it doesn't warrant the hate, and as a man in his position deserves respect. It's not like he is trying to shove Catholicism down her throat. He is sending messages of love, respect, acceptance, and goodwill towards our brothers and sisters despite of our differences. He is clearly doing what she is not.
  • There are two sides of the story and we will never know why the reporter said that but I don't get it why people hate the pope, I mean he has done a lot of things that changed people's perspectives and not only the people but also the church. But then again if the reporter does hate the pope then she should have kept her opinion to herself rather than spouting it for the entire globe hear it
  • I think all the popes through the ages have experienced some degree of hate. Pope Francis does not stand alone in this regard. He is, by virtue of being the head of the Catholic Church, exposed to the hatred of liberals. Unfortunately, during these first few years of his pontificate, too many liberal-minded people have considered him to be their torchbearer, which he isn't.
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    Namely one Pope who was 100% popular?  There wasn't one even John Paul II had his harsh critics out there.  I'm sure that Pope Francis wasn't effected by what this woman said if he heard about it.  Given what I know about this man he probably chose to pray for her, instead of returning any of the indifference.
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    Hatred is sin, and the bible says that. We should not hide in denominations and yet we are all sinners, the Pope included. We should pray for him if we feel that he has done us wrong, and that is what God wants. We should advice him on how to be a good leader, not to criticise him.
  • Well, well everyone is entitled to express their own opinion on anything. The point is to show respect for these beliefs despite their contradictions. Given the Pope's gentle nature, I don't think he'll get back at her. Instead he would wish for her well-being. 

    As long as a community of people exists, contradicting beliefs will always be present. I guess we'll just have to handle these difference with an open heart and mind. 
  • I think the comment made by the reporter was unnecessary. Unless she knows the Pope personally I see no reason she should dislike him. Maybe she doesn't agree with his beliefs and some of the changes he is trying to implement. If this is the issue that is also no reason for her to dislike him as a person.
  • I think people are entitled to dislike the guy. He is only human and not everyone is going to be a fan. Just because she dislikes the Pope doesn't mean that she openly hates all Catholics.
  • I don't think that people hate Catholics and I don't think that's what the reporter meant (meaning hated him). She wanted to  make her point, yes, about disagreements by THROWING HER SHOE at him. Former president George W Bush had that incident also. Many conservatives, even within the church leadership strata, simply don't like the way Pope Francis is liberal on certain issues and will even move to punish members of the clergy for not being sensitive to issues affecting people.

    He's really a different kind of pope and a lot of people are confused with him seemingly breaking from many different traditions they would rather hold dearly. He's still a wonderful pope, in my opinion, who is highly regarded worldwide by Catholics and non-Catholics. I wish he will reign long and continue in his stride to mend broken hearts and do God's work without fear of staunch traditionalists.
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    I had encountered some people who were going on a house to house campaign to promote their religion. In an informal chat, the mention of the Pope elicited a violent reaction from them - there were 3 women who knocked on our gate. They said that the Pope is the personification of the devil. They said so many other bad things about the Pope (John Paul II at the time) and I don't remember exactly the words.

    From what I see, members of some religions have an aversion to the Pope simply because of envy. In terms of religion, the Pope is the most powerful since he is revered by the most number of people on earth. Besides, the Pope is looked at as infallible particularly with wealth since his successor is not his family unlike some religion which are dictatorship in nature as if it is owned by a family.
  • The pope is vastly unpopular with some people, including some Catholics because he leans to the left more than any previous pope.  For instance, Francis is a huge symbol of the Liberation Theology movement.  Note, in the past the Catholic church had harshly condemned this movement.  Does anyone know if the Vatican has changed it's mind on the subject?
  • That really just shows what kind of person she is and what kind of upbringing she had. We can't really control how people behave. She's supposed to be a professional who's covering an event but she acted beneath her profession. Her network should do the chastising. You don't do that to people, Pope or not.
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    In the US and also some other countries there are the so called haters. That is why the expression that haters will hate means you do not have to entertain the hating. Look at the present hating issue in New York about Americans hating Asian-Americans up to the extent of hurting the Asians. That is downright stupid because haters would go on hating. What we can do is to avoid. 

    The Pope is a celebrity in his own right and famous people have the fans and the detractors. We cannot escape that fact. My take on the issue is to stop discussing so it will not develop. 
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    I really don't know why people keep on hating public figures like the pope, he is just there to do his job. There will always be people hating on other religions, which I think is unjustified.
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    This is sad news for the Catholics. This morning of July 5, 2021 in the news is the impending hospitalization of Pope Francis for colon surgery. It is scary for me because I know of several people who died of colon cancer. My mother had stage 3 colon cancer and she underwent surgery in 2008. However, my mother died of a different cause. 

    Anyway, I am hoping that Pope Francis can overcome the colon problem that the surgery would be successful. Let's pray for that. 
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