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Pope Francis: Priests can forgive abortion if woman is contrite

The news came out today that Pope Francis has issued a decree that for the year of mercy, priests will have the authority to (at their discretion) forgive women for having an abortion if they seek forgiveness.  (No word on what happens after the year of mercy...)

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  • Pope Francis is certainly doing a lot of things to change the way things have been. It makes a whole lot of sense for him to decree that but I wonder what those around him think of this move. I hope it will be well received the entire world. 
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    Good move. Forgiveness should be available to anyone who is truly sorry. I'm glad he is taking a vocal stance and issuing decrees on these topics.
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    Jesus said only one sin will not be forgiven either in this world or the next.

    All other sins are equal before God. A transgression is a transgression and unless someone seeks forgiveness for that sin they'll have to pay the penalty for it — being cast into hell at the end of the ages. I think the church shouldn't even have a say in all matters regarding which sins should or shouldn't be forgiven. Neither should there be any conditions attached to the offer [of forgiveness].
  • I think the Pope is doing the right thing here.  After all, if someone goes to God and ask forgiveness for their sins no matter how great I believe God will forgive them if the person is truly sorry.  So, why shouldn't the church have such a stand.  I think by the Pope saying that if a woman has an abortion then ask forgiveness of the church then the church should forgive them is actually a good thing.  Some women do regret this while others have no choice in the matter but to have it done, such as in the case of rape or health issues.  So, there should be a pardon's for women, not just the stand that it's a sin that can never be forgiven.  I believe all sins can be forgiven if a person truly repents for their wrong doing. God can forgive us, so why can't we forgive each other.
  • The church has been under a lot of scrutiny, but that does not mean the church should change the way things are done...I believe the church's hand is easily being forced to bow down to the ways of society.
  • No man can forgive any sins. There is only one mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ. God in the flesh. The bible says this and speaks nothing of confessionals, in fact it says call no man your Rabbi or Father on earth. Catholicism is full of a bunch of man made traditions not based on the Bible whatsoever. They area false religion and someone like the pope will be the false prophet spoken of in the book of revelation. We are in the end times, and the pope is deceiving the whole world. Even professing atheists are deceived by him and love him, that says a lot!

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  • Pope Francis is really moving the Church in the direction of light. He really is reminiscent of Jesus and his way of mercy and forgiveness. Abortion is really a salient topic but it's not black and white Pope Francis is in the right here for allowing contrition.
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    I don't think that priests can forgive them if it is against the bible. Only God can know their fate. They must be thought on how to pray and ask for forgiveness. The bible does not allow abortion whatsoever. Who are we to judge about it? We need guidance from God.
  • I applaud Pope Francis for this move. I think though that God is loving and merciful. If we are truly sorry for our sins, no matter what they might be God will forgive us. He can see inside of us and see when we are truly repentant. I am Catholic, but I believe I have the right to have a personal relationship with God, and therefore believe I can seek, and plead forgiveness directly to him (God).
  • This is commendable. No one deserves to live their life feeling terrible for a mistake they have made. Forgiveness needs to be given to others. I am definitely on the side that people don't like very much- I am extremely pro-choice. It's nice to see the Pope making these changes. 
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    Being humane is one good trait of Christians (not just Catholics). Now my question is this. What about the rape victims who are suffering from the traumatic experience that she couldn't come to terms with the pregnancy that would certainly remind her of the ordeal of being raped, is she exempted from the sin of abortion? What do you think would Pope Francis do or say on the issue?
  • The forgiveness of sins is not dependent on confessions to a priest. God himself has personally held this role and he is never too busy to hear the prayers and decide on forgiveness or not. Priests seem to be there forgiving sins because God's workload is hectic. Totally not the case.
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