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What should the Pope do with Cardinal Raymond Burke?

Raymond Burke was Archbishop of my city for awhile and was notorious for his hatefulness. The Pope has basically demoted him from the station Pope Benedict gave him, to a basically ceremonial position. He continues to write articles which condem people and reflect badly on the church. Personally, I think he'd be best assigned to take a vow of silence and go to a remote mountain top monastery.
What do you think?


  • I think that would be good treatment for Raymond Burke. The Pope needs to find a way to shut him up as he seems unable to cease condemning others. His is a voice that needs to be silenced and a stay at the monastery suits him just fine. 
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    That would be the ideal. These type of individuals have to be controlled, otherwise the damage they do to the reputation of the Church could span generations. Take for example the whole child sex scandal and the fallout. The Church at the time should have done a better job with damage control and swiftly removing associated priests from any positions.
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    When my priest (a woman) was ordained, Burke threw public fits via newspaper articles. It was actually so pitiful it was amusing but he disgraced the church with his hatefulness.
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