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What policy changes should Pope Francis make about birth control?

What policy changes should Pope Francis make about birth control?


  • Birth Control should be banned outright. God has given the gift of life to somebody, and no-one should be able to take that away. Denying the gift of life to somebody should be against the law. Pope Francis should ban birth control completely because birth control violates the teachings of the Word of God. I do not understand why birth control was even made into the world! Denying somebody life is the equivalent of killing an innocent man! I hope Pope Francis in the future makes policies about birth control, for the better of the world. 
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    He should acknowledge that sometimes the pill is taken for a medical reason. I do not take it to prevent myself from getting pregnant, but because without it my period is so heavy that I will end up in the emergency room from blood loss each month. There are a million different situations which lead a woman to take the pill and many of them have nothing to do with preventing a life from coming into this world.
  • It is time the Pope realize that birth control is a part of modern society. If you try and unilaterally ban it you will simply drive a large percent of the church's younger following and demographic. The result will be that within a generation church's will start to stand empty because they proposed archaic values that fly in the face of common sense and what is considered sane and normal in westren culture. 
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    I also have a situation I'd love to hear thoughts on. I have a serious mental illness. At least in the near future, I am NOT in any position to be a mother. I was raised by a mom who was severely unstable, I refuse to do that to a child and inflict the psychological damage on them that was done to me. In spring I am getting married to the man I've dated for 2 years. He knows of my issues and totally agrees no kids YET.
    As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing wrong with using various forms of birth control in this situation. It's not right or responsible to bring a child into this world who would have to deal with his/her mother being in and out of the hospital and not able to provide the proper love and care a baby needs. Let alone...I take medication which would cause life threatening birth defects to a baby. We are being responsible by taking steps to not have a child right now I feel, instead of not using some form of birth control and bringing a child into the world to suffer.

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    There are exceptions to rules in cases where they would prove to be detrimental to the very ones they are meant to guard. Birth control is full of controversy and should be regarded with a lot of caution. There are contributing factors to the vice which cannot be overruled altogether. 
  • This has always an issue of great debate for decades.  We can't discount the possibility that Pope Francis would not go as far as promoting abortion, but I hope in this lifetime he would give a blessing to some methods of birth control such as contraceptives and pills.  

    I agree, though, that once conception begins, no one has the right to terminate it, even its mother.   Especially its mother.  Bear in mind that people engaging in this debate were allowed to be born by their respective mothers.  
  • I do not think that birth control should necessarily be banned by the pope. Some people use these drugs for medical reasons unrelated to preventing pregnancy. However, I don't really think that it should even be called "birth control" for these cases, because the purpose of it is not preventing pregnancy.

    In the case of birth control for its intended usage, however, I believe that it is a sin. God tells us that we should only have sex for reproduction. Doing anything sexual that cannot result in pregnancy is technically sodomy. I find that not many people know that fact, but that's what the bible tells us. Sexual acts that cannot result in pregnancy are a sin, so I definitely don't believe that the pope should support birth control. If you do not want a child, you should not be having sex.
  • I have to second the argument that birth control is very often used for reasons other than preventing pregnancy.  I used it for 10 years due to very heavy periods and my only option was prescription pain killers or birth control.  I'd be really curious what the church would say about this use of birth control, as I'm not aware that this has been discussed at the highest levels.  I'm honestly very torn as to what the church's teachings should be about birth control in general.  I understand the church's teaching that with each sexual act a couple should be open to the possibility of conceiving a child, but it's so much more complicated than that.  I don't think this is an issue that will be resolved any time soon!
  • He cannot change the policy of birth control.  If he did that then he must be god.  It is written in both the old and new testament that abortion is a sin.  For him to come out and attempt to change that is lunacy.  How can anyone change what was written, followed and revered for centuries?  If anything the Pope can give recommendations.  But if you are Catholic and know what the bible states, then you would know that the Pope can change anything in the Bible.
  • The Pope is supposed to teach as per the word of God. He is supposed to be quoting from the Bible and not on how he thinks. Our societies have began to rot and we can not rely on what the majority says or does. He should be against abortion completely. We are supposed to believe that God can heal any medical condition instead of terminating a pregnancy.
  • Exactly as Francis said. People need to stop leaning on their own understanding and establish a true relationship with Jesus Christ. Without that you are lost and don't understand the ways of God.

  • We've come into a new day and age, and people need to be a bit more open minded and progressive. We don't want abortions, we don't want people to give up their children, and I guess we shouldn't believe that sex is for any purpose other than to create children.

    Step out of the dark ages, people. Whether or not someone else takes birth control is not effecting you and your life. Let them do it.
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    Because Pope Francis is a religious leader, he needs to ban abortion and birth control. To me, it is just common sense. The only way to get the message out is to ban it. People can be told how bad it is, but it will not stop them from doing it. It doesn't particularly affect their life, just the baby that they are killing.  
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    I think the pope should encourage birth control. It's a new era and the church needs to adapt and leave behind these obselete traditions. Essentially, the church cannot let tradition bar social progress.
  • People need to understand that this is the new generation where our ideals are different from before, the pope introducing the topic of birth control pills is something that is shocking but it's a change, the church need not to focus only on what is written in the bible and most of all they should not act as if these issues do not exist. I'm not saying that the church will change whatever the traditions they have followed what I'm saying is that they should open their eyes and look at what is really happening in our society nowadays. The pope is indeed, introducing this issues and his addressing them using his voice and I think that's a great thing because like I said the church should not only focus on whether it's a sin or not, this issues exist thus everyone need to learn how to address them.
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    In a way it is like the argument doesn't even matter if you are not truly following Christianity. If you are truly Christian, read the Bible, want to submit your life to God and do his Will, then you will understand the Church's views on birth control and it will make sense in your life.

    But if you are still of the view that you yourself are in control of your life, do not buy into all the views of Christianity and are only sort of half-practicing, then it just won't make sense to you and you'll think birth control is a necessity in this modern age. 

    Either way, you are going to do what you want to do, so does it really matter what the Church says? Should they change their view just so you can sleep better at night? I don't mean that in an antagonistic way, I just mean they can not change their view if it goes against the religion.
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