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Submit Your Vote in our poll: What issue do think will be Pope Francis lasting legacy?

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  1. What issue do think will be Pope Francis' lasting legacy?26 votes
    1. Birth Control / Right to Life Issues
    2. Political/Organization Change within Vatican
    3. Reduction of Wealth Gap/Poverty
    4. Role of Women in the Church
    5. Other


  • I think that Pope Francis' lasting legacy would just be being the pope. Pope Francis' special quality is his true dedication to Christianity. Not only does he teach the Word of Christ, but he performs the teachings from the Word of Christ. Truly, Jesus is at the center of Pope Francis' life. Every Christian around the world should look up to Pope Francis because he is a true man of Christ. I believe every single word that he speaks. He does not promote violence, he promotes universal peace. 
  • Pope Francis is a great man, he wants to revolutionize the church, directly or indirectly, he is setting the wheel in motion that could bring about change on how the world views the Catholic Church. He is walking on thin ice right now and is treading very carefully. We are living in very unsure times, and the masses expect the Pope to ride us through this wave. I, for one thing, would like to know what his next move is regarding the sanctity of life vs the right of choice. I want to know his true stand on the matter, to once and for all give a clear statement on the subject of unborn life.
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    I think Pope Francis is really transforming the Church right now. He's turning the once overly traditional and secretive Church upside down and creating a space for all religions, all genders and all institutions the way Jesus or St. Paul would've done when they were alive. He's a good man and a great Pope and he's going to do wonders with his burning love for humanity.
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    I would think that is reduction of wealth gap among people of the world. That will remain in the minds of people a long time to come. 
  • I voted for organizational change within Vatican. I think he is really turning the ways of the church around. It is a good thing because we are in the modern era. There has to be some changes from the traditional concepts that the church has been used to. This will be his legacy because it is very rebellious and radical for him to step into this zone.
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    I voted other. However, I think he legacy will be defined by more than one action in any specific area. His legacy will be defined based on the "hot" social issue at the time. I think the overall change in stance towards gay individuals, divorced individuals etc is certainty defining.
  • I think Pope Francis lasting impression would be him just trying to modernize these issues period. We all know that Catholics can be a little conservative. Times are changing and so should the way that Pope's handle issues and I think he is doing a great job!
  • I think the Pope's legacy would really be in making changes inside the Vatican and the church although I voted for another issue in the polls. Still, I think this will make the greatest impact because the corrupt and the abusers in the church will pay and thus, the whole church will be reformed under the papacy of Francis.
  • Yes, over the years my dear church has kept secrets from us their flock, it pained me when we had to hear the news from the media, but that also reminded me that we are human and mistakes are made. It is time now to rebuild and to reignite the faith of the flock, and we look to Pope Francis to do just that. We hope that his tenure as Pope will be fruitful, will yield results for the church and will impact the world. I believe his legacy will be to lead the church and heal the church.
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    What has ever happened 'because the Pope MADE it happen'?
  • He will probably discuss his pushing of the new world order. He is playing a role in end times events and prophecy, but people don't have a relationship with Christ established, and they don't read their bibles, so they don't even realize.
  • I think one of his most persistent and obvious qualities is his care for the marginalized--whether that means the poor, the crippled, the social outcast, etc. I think a big part of that has been his focus on calling for more love and conscious effort in the way money is utilized. His Argentine origins may have something to do with his radical humility and special care for the poor, since some parts of Argentina  (and many areas in South America generally) are in harsh economic conditions. 
  • I voted for other, because I think it could be a combination of all of the above.  He could be remembered for being a man of the people.  A man who wanted to help bring the church into this century.  For wanting to help the poor along with bringing peace to the world.  I think he would be remembered for all these things.
  • He will probably discuss his pushing of the new world order. He is playing a role in end times events and prophecy, but people don't have a relationship with Christ established, and they don't read their bibles, so they don't even realize.
  • Out of all of the options given, none of them really stick out to me enough that I'd think he'd be remembered for that specific thing. I think the pope will just be remembered, in general, for having a new way of thinking compared to other popes of the past. He's not a "traditional" Catholic, and that's a good thing. He's more open minded and willing to help the religion evolve.
  • I'm hopeful that his lasting legacy will be to remind people to treat others with kindness and charity. This is not a message that started with him, of course, but it seems to be desperately needed these days, and I hope that by observing and hearing about his treatment of 'the least of his brothers', people will take that to heart, and work on increasing their acts of charity, love, and faith. 
  • I love Pope Francis. He is someone that the Church has needed for a very long time. I like his messages of love, acceptance, and respect for those who are different. For those of different religions, sexual preference etc. He is the representation of a true Christian, an example of how we should all be acting like and living.
  • The pope has done some great, remarkable and inspired changes in the church, but as great as they are, I believe that it is still early to count his accomplishments. Let us allow the pope to do his job in steering the church to the right path. The path of our Lord. He is doing a great job and I can see that he will continue to inspire positive change in this topsy-turvy world that we live in.
  • I love the Pope, like who wouldn't. He has done a lot of great things already, promoting things that have been badly judged by the church before, let's take being a homosexual as an example, he has never said that it is immoral for people to be one, instead he accepts the fact that some people being homosexuals is okay. He said that "If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?". Pope Francis has accepted and introduced the fact that people will be the ones deciding whether they are homosexual, marrying the same sex and indulging to abortion.

    Simply Pope Francis acted that these things exists and accepted them rather than ostracizing these changes. His ideas, his words, these are the things that will change people's perceptions, that's why I think Pope Francis being his usual self is his greatest legacy. 
  • Reduction of wealth gap/poverty is probably Pope Francis's legacy in the future. He is such a down-to-earth figure that he makes himself available to anyone needing his help. Through his example, he shows how a simplistic lifestyle can be fulfilling. He takes public transport and takes time to connect with people. What this shows us is that Catholicism transcends race, social class, age, and even gender. The love of God is open for everyone who is willing to receive Him.  
  • I think he's a wonderful Pope. I loved Pope John Paul as a man of the people. A man who was warm and caring and reached out to help people understand that peace and love were attainable. Pope Francis, in my book, even stands to surpass John. Pope Francis is realistically bold and unnerving to the establishment. Senior members of the Church know what's wrong with the scandals and the norms they prefer to uphold just because they've been going on forever to the point of becoming tradition. But not with this great Pope. Francis acts like Jesus as he touches the people and out their needs first. Francis will argue with the pharisees trading at the temple gates and remind them of the power of God over riches on Earth. Pope Francis has helped to remind me of God's real love.
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    I don't think any one of the options fully covers what he will be remembered for - it's all and so much more. I'm not even a Catholic and I love this guy. He's so down to earth, open-minded, and has a healthy disdain for all the pomp and ceremony that the Catholic church is traditionally known for. He truly embraces equality......I loved his call on men to listen to women. They have 'much to tell us', he said during his visit to the Philippines! He's a people person and a great example of how church leaders ought to be.
  • Politics, I guess. He is very actionable pope. Probably the most actionable one in the recent history of the Church. He travels the world a lot compared to this predecessors. He meets other political and religious figures. So, he's doin' a good job. Hope his actions will bring some peace to our world that's craving for it so badly.
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    I will go as far as to tell that his impact is going to be similar to the second Vatican council, I don't know if its going to be in terms of policies enacted but I think that it has more to do with people re evaluating their relationship with their own faith because now they are hearing a person that they can relate with, so changes are coming, if anything, because a lot of disenfranchised Catholics will return to the faith.
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    His lasting legacy is a pile of ash on the ground like Job and Satan from the corruption, lies and chaos he has caused. That he dared to use water babtism to bind people to hell. He doesn't even know spirit babtism yet he claims to communicate with the highest God of heaven and call his own self High and Holy Father then why is he using the tools of Satan? Wierd that Satan was desinigrated into a pile of ash and has less charges on him then the pope. Satan actually made his way to heaven and the pope can only find a pit or tunnel of light which leads to hell where all the psychics send everyone. The recycling center where every one is rebirthed.way to go keep being recycled so we can live eternally in the flesh rather than the spirit. The pope is part of this corruption which is why his lasting legacy is a pile of ash.
  • After placing my vote I find that my views are the same as the majority of voters and we think that the Pope Francis legacy will be the political change in the Vatican. This Pope seems to be full of activity and I think that he is doing a good job. It's great that he does so much travelling and is able to reach out to so many and help in bringing a peace to the world. He certainly seems to me to be a Pope of the people and understanding of our needs in this modern world that we live in.
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    I do not know much about his involvement with the role of women in the church, but I am interested now.  I have just never really thought about that before, so I will need to go do a little research here.  Thanks for the input though.
  • Pope Francis will be remembered for his many positive political changes in the Vatican.
    He is also facing an Antichrist (Trump). Many people think that Trump is a God, I don't, but his followers do.
  • i dont what im gonna say
  • He is very actionable pope and he did positive political changes in Vatican.
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