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  • Submit Your Vote in our poll: What issue do think will be Pope Francis lasting legacy?

    His lasting legacy is a pile of ash on the ground like Job and Satan from the corruption, lies and chaos he has caused. That he dared to use water babtism to bind people to hell. He doesn't even know spirit babtism yet he claims to communicate with the highest God of heaven and call his own self High and Holy Father then why is he using the tools of Satan? Wierd that Satan was desinigrated into a pile of ash and has less charges on him then the pope. Satan actually made his way to heaven and the pope can only find a pit or tunnel of light which leads to hell where all the psychics send everyone. The recycling center where every one is rebirthed.way to go keep being recycled so we can live eternally in the flesh rather than the spirit. The pope is part of this corruption which is why his lasting legacy is a pile of ash.
  • Why People 'Anthropomorphicize' God (Talk about Him as if He's 'a Person' ... Like I Did There)

    It really depends on your faith. There are people who look to God as not only a person but like a guardian angel who is always with them. God being omniprescent is taken literally by those born again Christians.

    My concept of God is, of course, the supreme being. And being a being means He is like me and you although he has more superior qualities particularly the part that God is not physical. And that God can be anything and everything so I am looking up to Him with personification because it is difficult for my mind to have faith in someone with no personification. How can you pray to someone who has no shape, form or image?
  • Why People 'Anthropomorphicize' God (Talk about Him as if He's 'a Person' ... Like I Did There)

    Giving God human-like aspects helps us understand "HIS" essence better because we directly relate him to ourselves. In numerous biblical passages we can read antropomorphic characteristics to this Superior Being. For example "Keep me as the apple of your eye...". 

    Us Christians (broadly speaking) have a more human-like way of percieving God than Jews for example. I've always been pleasantly amazed how they even consider God in "spoken and written" word, because God, as a Spirit, is in everything. This somehow has an oriental influence to it, also keeping a notion of a God that is more than human. 

    So why do we Catholics or Christians anthropomorphicize God more? 
    The answer is simple if you consider that our main example of relating to God the Father comes from the influence that Jesus Christ has made over all of us. From there is that we actually give more human-like characteristics to God. I think it's a good idea to relate like this to HIM and at the same time learn from the Jewish that God is also more than just an anthropomorphic being: He is the HOLY SPIRIT in everything. 

  • Judging Myself: Do You Judge 'the Whole' by 'the First Part'?

    What's the big deal about calling it the word of God? It IS, in fact, the word of God. It's not inspiration of prophets, the Holy Ghost wrote the bible. (2 Peter 1:21,  2 Timothy:16-17).
  • How many times do you pray in a day?

    It varies from person to person I found. Some people pray on the bus, some with their families, some alone in the church with a rosary. Some like to pray in the morning and before bed. Some people pray every hour on the dot. What do you pray about? How many times do you do it in a day? Do have personal prayers or do you go by tradition?
  • Has anyone gotten tickets to Pope Francis' U.S. visit appearances?

    I hope not. It's a bunch of idol worship and blasphemy.