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  • Do you believe in angels?

    Yes, I certainly do believe in angels. It seems that like our society G-d has an angel for every role in nature and spiritual development. We also have guardian angels who stand by our steads daily our whole lives. As i was studying The Essenes and Nazarenes, the most beautiful concept my simple soul has ever come across, was how to commune with the angels daily and nightly. In fact this is what brought me back to Jesus Christ from out of atheism. I've heard angels sing these words to me, " All this time, Never really knowing what you were fighting for, Know yourself, Know you're young, You are Strong." The last note of this song I heard while I was deep meditation chanting "Our Father's Prayer," repeatedly, became so high that  the Angel's voice turned into a frequency. Thank Jesus Christ for this experience. These are Jesus's angels and they are never to be worshipped, but can be acknowledged as our older brothers in The Lord. One day we will be with them and Praise our Savor all the day long. Commune and meditate with your heart on The Lord and Christ will perform the miraculous upon your life. Peace, Love and Joy my brother.
  • Jesus Never Asked to be Divine

    This one is a mystery within a mystery. The weird part is when you read of Jesus in other books such as the Essene Gospel of Peace or even in later psychic accounts of Edward Cayce, Jesus always ascends. There is said to be a transfiguration where a risen Prophet becomes completely Divine. People today have visions and see Christ as G-d. People die and come back from near death experiences who have seen Christ. I do not know what to say to that. I believe in Jesus, Yeshua or whatever name we want to call him. He came here for a reason. He fulfilled that purpose and went back to where he came from. Nothing he spoke of came without deep spiritual revelation. Christ knew the way, that I am for sure of. His teachings save me everyday. You have to excuse my empty posts. I am typing in TextEdit and copying it in the box, sometimes the draft does not save when i press the post comment button.
  • Why People 'Anthropomorphicize' God (Talk about Him as if He's 'a Person' ... Like I Did There)

    I believe that you have made an accurate observation. I believe that Jesus being the Son of G-d, who said, " You see me, you see The Father." When there are Bible verses that consistently describe G-d and his image as male, how can you present us with a different perspective without going totally outside of the Bible? Of course G-d is infinite and can not be explained by man, but he is also not a liar. If he shows himself to men as a man, it is at least symbolic of his function on all other levels. Who are we to question G-d with our limited mind sets? It seems to me that The Lord appeared unto us in ways that were detrimental to us understanding, Him or It. I do not know anything.
  • Do You Know the Difference between "Spirit" & "Soul"?

    Anyone who doesn't acknowledge that a spirit is not a physical part of any man's body is a liar. The spirit of G-d was on the  face of the waters, and the Holy Spirit enters into us without any form of blood transfusion. the should however is spoken of within the Bible as being inside of the blood. No man can say that biology can prove for a fact what the soul is. I'd more easily accept that the spirit of a man is his higher self already in the presence of G-d than I would accept any man's scientific theory of what  a soul is. 

  • Would you give your life for someone else? For a complete stranger?

    In all honesty, no I do not think I would give my life for another person. If it came down to it, most of us wouldn't. That is why I believe that  it will always take some remnant or vessel of Divinity to help us. We are all very selfish, as I admitted in my opening statement. It takes a big heart to be the kind of saint that will not think twice about to even help another person out in a small way, let alone life or death situations. I do think that there are special people out there though who just have it in them to give every last bit of themselves. When we meet some of them we marvel at them in wonder.We should stop questioning and let their sacrifices inspire us to become more selfless.