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  • How Do You Picture Judgement Day?

    Hahaha, Mark Zuckerberg being last in the sin list is a funny line. :D If you actually changed your last name to something that starts with a Z that means you would have to wait even longer on this line.

    Several years ago, I envisioned something quite similar to what you've just described here. However not so long ago I met a very intelligent and well studied (basically a religious scholar) priest from the Order of Mount Carmel (or Carmelite). He challenged my apocalyptic vision of the end of the world by saying that the "Apocalypse" has occured many times already throughout history represented as dark times that we as an interpretation to scare and convert us to earthly religion than a sincere change in life because once we accept Christ and do the appropriate things to stay in communion with him, we are saved.

    Anyways, just to speak to your creative writers mind I have imagined two angelical armies facing each other, incredibly dressed for a final battle. At one side we've got two thirds of heaven's angels and at the other side we've got the one third of the fallen angels whom rebelled eons ago. All this could be seen by us as a war amongst stars. Somewhere around the battle appears The Beast and Satan heavily hurting Heaven's side. After having a difficult moment and almost loosing the battle, suddenly appears a man dressed in white riding a white arabian horse. This guy has a horn and beautiful sword. When he plays the horn all Heavenly angels heal from their wounds and with just a few gentle swings of his sword he is able to vanquish the whole demonic army. After this happens, a long victory cry is heard throughout the universe. The war that had been going on for millions of years has come to an end. 
  • Do You Know the Difference between "Spirit" & "Soul"?

    I wonder how many religions actually view The Spirit as one of the persons in God and the soul as a human component that basically is going throughout life just to reach salvation. 

    Corzhens idea spirit resembles pretty much what I've seen some oriental religions share about the concept of soul, a huge and powerful spiritual force that resides not only in humans but also in all living things like nature and animals.

    Personally I share a mix of both where perhaps the soul does define our personality, free-will and actions. Yet living things that aren't human also share a soul, maybe not as free-willed as humans, but they have it just because they do have life. 

    While christian influenced religions or philosophers view the soul as mainly a virtuous thing other cultures, like the ancient greek, view the soul as mainly something filled with all human traits either good or bad. I have no idea though if they also had a "spirit" concept.

    In which category do you find yourself thinking about "the soul" or spirit?