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  • Pope Relaxes Rules on Gays - Calls for loving all families - What do you think?

    For me, there is a big difference in being gay and homosexuality. A gay is a person, a human that God had created but I don't think homosexuality is okay with God as what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. And with the same sex marriage? That means you are tolerating homosexuality because the Bible is clear that woman is for man and vice versa. Is there a verse in the Bible that says a marriage between 2 men or between 2 women is okay?
  • That Patience Is Not Godly (or Is It?)

    We have a saying that patience is a virtue and one who waits is rewarded in the end. Well, if patience means willingness to suffer then I don't see anything wrong because the pain of suffering is lesser when there is a willingness or acceptance of the situation. Like in a car on the road which is locked by a heavy traffic, your temper will rise but when you accept that fact and you are willing to suffer then your mood is not ruined at all. 
  • Why Is It That Jesus Christ is Only a "Lord" Rather Than "King" or "Prince"?

    Those are just titles bestowed by people. When the term Lord was bestowed on Jesus, it may be the highest accolade that befits a God because King is mostly used for man. Some cultures have been using the word Father like the African tribes. So I don't see any big deal for that Lord and King words. Like what @Simona said, it is just semantics and that depends on the time when the Bible was written.
  • How Hateful & Closed-Minded Baptists Are! The Deity Had to Be Lost!

    This God issue on Jesus is debatable and it always depends on where you sit. I say debatable because arguments are rife since there is no conclusive evidence on Jesus' being God or partly-God. The Catholic church has a dogma on the Holy Trinity - that is 3 Gods in one - God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are one and 3 and 3 in one. It's too difficult to comprehend but more difficult to explain for how can one understand that Jesus was born of Mary but in fact he is part of God the Father, like a clone.
  • Why Be Good In a World With So Much Evil?

    Sometimes I also think that way - why do we need to be good when evil is all around us. Worse, the evil people are getting luckier than the good people. That is unfair. Perhaps this is what some people say - that we are actually in hell and this is the domain of Satan so evil people prevail most of the time. Yes, only in the movies we see that good wins over evil but in reality, come on, look at the politicians who are womanizers and had vices but they become president of the country. It is so unfair that evil prevails in this world.