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  • I don't think that many people really think about their Sons or Daughters entering the church anymore with regard to grandchildren. I do think though that any parent who had a child who wanted to enter the church would probably encourage them to do …
  • I lived in Egypt for nine years and while I was there I learned that the Christians there have a different Pope, one that is of the Coptic Church. Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country and to be honest, they don't care about what any Pope has to s…
  • After placing my vote I find that my views are the same as the majority of voters and we think that the Pope Francis legacy will be the political change in the Vatican. This Pope seems to be full of activity and I think that he is doing a good job. …
  • This is a great place to discuss Pope Francis and everything that has to do with Catholicism. There are many different topics to discuss as well as being able to create new topics for discussion as you have here. The members seem very interested in …
  • This is debatable subject in my own mind which I still have not come to a decision on. Since the beginning of time even the ancient Egyptians, it was the men who were the priests. The women were priestesses but their role was to sing and play instru…
  • I used to go along to a church that encouraged bible study and sold its own paperback bibles at a very reasonable fee. We were encouraged to actually write in our bibles when we were enlightened so I had one bible that was for best and another that …
  • I'm not sure when the day of judgement will be, but I think that when we die our soul, or life force goes into another body at a new birth. I think that we take our sins with us to the next life and have those things done back to us for us to learn …
  • I beg to differ with you Jason, I was sexually abused as a child, on numerous occasions. I've now reached the age of over 50 and I still haven't abused any children at all and doubt that I ever will. I do believe in reincarnation, even though the wo…
  • I was a child born out of an incestuous relationship. It may have been rape but my Mother may have also consented I don't know. I was given up for adoption and all throughout my life I have had parents against me because of WHAT I am. I have been ma…