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Catholic view on those BORN psychics and mediums

Recently I have noticed there are younger adults in the media claiming to be psychics or mediums. There is the t.v show Monica the Medium and another show coming up with a teen boy, medium for the celebrities (can't remember his name). I know people have varying beliefs on the veracity of their claims, but I personally do believe they are what they say they are, and are not faking. 

My question is what does the church think of this, and what would a young adult do if they had these visions and knowings. The bible has a bad view on this and says to stay away from such people. But if a person is born with this gift/curse, what should they do? Is it a gift? Or is it a curse they should pray to be rid of? 


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    The Catholic church is actually silent on this issue because it just wants to be on the safe side. We all know that there are 2 kinds of psychics and simply put they are the 1) genuine and the 2) impostors.

    Sometime in 1994, there was this "visionary" named Judiel Nieva who claimed to be seeing and talking to a certain lady with a hint that it was the Virgin Mother. Faithfuls flocked to her place in La Union, a province about 250 kilometers north of Manila. But after sometime, the people started having doubts. Now, that self-proclaimed visionary is a man in a woman's clothing... he is gay.
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    This makes me wonder if there is any psychic that gets information from a safe/heavenly source, or if all psychics get their information from the enemy.  A person could even think they are getting visions from the Virgin Mother, but it could just be an unclean source, as satan masquerades as an angel of light.

    I have become interested in the topic more as I have been noticing it occurring in younger people, who say they have had it all along. I have to think they are somewhat innocent in this, not having brought it on themselves. So now what for them?  Are they being spiritually attacked in a way?

    Also the Bible says in the end days "your sons will prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams". 
  • Another thing are the miracles in certain places in the world like Fatima and the Medjogorie sightings. How were they able to verify and corroborate those stories/eyewitness accounts? Are they classified as the genuine articles? Real miracles? What were the Vatican's scientific findings regarding those events? Since those visionaries did proclaim some prophecies in behalf of the Holy Mother, were they found out be real and were therefore inspired by God?
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