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Life is amazing. It should never be intentionally destroyed.

edited August 2016 in Birth Control & Right to Life Issues Posts: 12
Life is amazing.  How can one argue that a fetus is not alive?  It should never be intentionally destroyed.  That's murder.


  • I agree with you, one-hundred percent. Killing a premature baby is the equivalent of killing a middle-aged man. People should realize that life is a precious gift, and it should never be wasted. God gave us the gift of life, why would you want to take it from other people or yourself? Life itself is an amazing thing, like you said. Life is good no matter how you live it or how you want to live it. I wish that more people around the world would realize this, and maybe change the lives of the people around them!
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    I also agree with you. Killing a fetus is as unethical as killing a fully grown man. Most people try to find the ethics in abortion by saying "It wasn't an intended baby so I feel like I'm entitled to take his life as well." That's just plain ignorance from the part of the parents, really. Now, I know that everyone is entitled to their own, but still that doesn't make killing babies just because "it happened" ethical. I feel like people should realize that.
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  • Totally agree with all of you. Life is a holy thing that is sadly being taken for granted these days. How can we judge if a person is deserving a death sentence if that person was not even given a choice to live? Most people nowadays seem to believe the lie that a fetus is not even a human yet during its first weeks of life. How can they convince themselves when its a scientific fact that there are already heartbeats from the fetus at that point of its existence.
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    Some abortions are made by the body to protect the woman and that's the only time it's natural for life to leave you when a woman miscarries without intent. Beside that I also think that abortions are a sin and should never be carried out by any human being. Life should be kept intact and made beautiful with love.
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    Killing of the unborn is murder. Unless the pregnancy is a threat to the life of a mother it should be let to live.Killing them is playing god, something God abhors.
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    I think our conscience tells us who we really are. And if we have a good one, then probably you know that it's immoral to kill a fetus inside your womb. Because even if you justify at one part of your head that a fetus is just a fetus, at the back of your head you know that it's a God given life. Killing is immoral. So we have to be responsible enough to accept what we did and what was given us. Being a coward is something that you cannot get away easily. It will haunt you down til the end so we better face the consequences of our acts.
  • They suppress the truth in unrighteousness, that's what the Bible says about ungodliness. That's why people support the murder of unborn babies. They're unsaved and love their sin more than knowing God. They have seared their conscience, and are lost in their own sin. Most don't even fully realize.
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    Life, is something I believe that all should be able to experience. Birth control and abortion ruin, as well as leave that possibility out of the question. Unfortunately, these babies that are being murdered everyday by their potential mothers, will never have a chance to meet a mother that would actually love them. It would be frightening, being a child born to a mother that aborted the pervious baby; knowing that you are being raised by a murderer. That is terrifying. Although not everybody thinks abortion and birth control need to be taken care of, it happens every day.

    In the psychology book I am currently reading for one of my classes, it states that males tend to have higher murder and crime percentages than females do. Abortion and birth control have turned those statistics around. That's for sure.

  • I agree with this. There are many people seeking children, who are unable to have them biologically, for various reasons. I think it would behoove our society to push for increased education about both abortion and adoption, because truthful education about abortion would open a lot of eyes about what the act truly involves, and what the repercussions will be. 

    Many women who have had abortions go on to regret it, and struggle with lifelong feelings of guilt and depression. Perhaps developing programs where these women counsel pregnant women who are considering abortion would help to change the statistics. Adoption is often prohibitively expensive, and if that were changed, we might not have so many children languishing in the foster care system, which often makes them susceptible to abuse, neglect, and emotional difficulties. 
  • This is so true. It's heartbreaking to hear about people putting the fate of an innocent, unborn child into their hands. Children are truly God's blessings. Just like CatholicChick said, there are people who like to have kids but are unable to do so for many reasons. It  is quite unfortunate that there are couples who engage in physical intimacy without any intention to procreate. 

    On the other hand, there are women who are going through unwanted pregnancies due a traumatic experience. How can they be educated about the value of life? What do you think?  
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    If God gave us a chance to live, why then should we deny others the same chance. I am also against family planning since God knows how to perfectly plan our families. If we believe that God can provide why do we then need to worry?
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    I am also against abortion, simply because we deserve to live the life that God gave us. An unborn child is completely defenseless in protecting his or her right to live, but that does not mean that we can take it from him or her. Furthermore, the unborn child is innocent; he or she must not be the one to bear the mistake of his or her parents.
  • I'm definitely pro-choice. It's hard for me to comment on this because I know the verbal lashings I will get, but I've heard it before. I sympathize with the women going in for an abortion having to walk through protesters holding photos of dead children. I really do. They aren't saying anything to those women that those women haven't told themselves ten fold. Personally, I've gone through it myself and it wasn't a pleasant experience, but I have no regrets. I wasn't in a place where I could have a child safely.
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    I see life as the greatest gift of God. We were given life complete with consciousness that differs us from plants and that consciousness has a mind that differs us from animals. To destroy life is a crime although there are times that it is justified by the laws of man as in criminals who committed heinous crimes.

    The greatest sin in destroying life is the killing of a defenseless fetus. Abortion is being practiced in some parts of the world (like in China to fulfill their government policy of having a maximum of 1 child in a family). But not to forget that terrorism that leads to killing people is also a great crime that destroyed the lives of innocent people like what happened recently in Paris.
  • Abortion is absolutely a no-no for me because it is killing a living creation of God. It is in short a crime in the laws of man and also a crime in the laws of heaven and will be tantamount to a punishment in the rules of humans and when judgement time comes. A human fetus is definitely alive and aborting it is killing it no matter how one views it and is totally and a hundred percent wrong by all means. We should value life. It should be taken cared of and respected because it is a gift from heaven. More power to all of us. 
  • This is amazing. Thank you for positng this. I couldnt agree more. No one should be killed because the mother says so. Thats not right at all. Its not fair. 
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    Well this is certainly an issue where people get sensitive, which often times makes it hard to have an honest discussion about it.  I think that this is a belief that a lot of people share, but on the other hand, you have people out there who know what life is really not all that amazing sometimes, and maybe avoiding that should be an option.  I am just saying, I can see both arguments.
  • Life definitely is amazing. We are of the belief that it is God-given and should never be taken for granted. Why some chose to intentionally destroy it is a matter between the person and his/her God. I can only imagine the thought-process as very agonizing. Imagine, the life of your beloved wife will be cut short if she continues with pregnancy. Would you encourage her to terminate the pregnancy or risk losing her permanently after 9 months? I think we as understanding Catholics should never cast a stone against our brothers or sisters who are going through something that we ourselves haven't gone through yet. That is why, it should be a matter between the master and the servant. 
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