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Pope Francis Addressing Congress

Do you think Pope Francis addressing Congress when he comes to America is going to have any impact on how Congress chooses to handle important issues?


  • I do not believe Pope Francis's visit will have an impact on HOW Congress chooses to handle important issues, At the same time with U,S. Presidential elections upon us, I think political parties will jump on his words to further their platforms, as a way to reach and sway voter results.  

    I say this because this Pope more then any other has reached the masses whether or not a Catholic or not with his strong viewpoints.  So, the interesting aspect of Pope Francis's visit to the Joint Congress will be both sides of the party, Republicans and Democrats, will take heed on how to use his words to their party's agenda.

    I think, for Pope Francis this is a win win situation of perfect timing for a visit.  Oh yes, how I would love to be in the crowd to see the Pope!

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    Sadly, no. Even though he is the Pope, I don't think he will be able to change their minds on major issues. He doesn't have enough money to do that (sarcasm)
  • Well, I guess it will give another perspective on how they, the congress handle issues which are very critical and needs to have special attention and care. This will also bring about an added inspiration and the directions our lawmakers will take although I do not think that they will be swayed by his words but then again their minds will be opened nonetheless.
  • If he is allowed to speak before Congress it is just for show.  Everyone person in congress wants to have the catholic vote.  So it best to vouch for his presences there.  His stance on most of the issues he has addressed will be swept under the rug because his ideas are costly. but it will look good on their part if they seem interested.  

    Ultimately, it's about big business and filling their pockets with lobbyist money.  It was never about the betterment of the people, and it's right to seek happiness.
  • Notice how nobody complained about separation of church and state. That's because the true church of Jesus Christ was absent from the event. The pope is a false prophet, and fraud. He doesn't speak the truth that's why he was allowed to speak to congress. Jesus wouldn't have been able to speak there you can be sure of that. Jesus said woe when men speak well of you. If you're that loved by ungodly sinners that means you're not preaching the gospel. The gospel convicts of sin and makes sinners uncomfortable. This speaks volumes. Open your eyes people and start paying attention. Catch up. All the world is a stage.

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